Communication Logistic specialist? What is it all about?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by climbingnut, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. Driver lineman has not existed as a lone trade for some time now. Basically the old 'liney' and the storeman trades have merged and they now call it what you have said above.

    If you want to re-trade, do it now as it is not as easy as 'changing job when you get to Blandford'.
  2. cheers mate, im more worried about being left behind, what to go to Afghan, get out on patrol and such, much chance of that in this role?
  3. If you get posted to one of the Campain Signal Regiments, more likely than not!
  4. Communication Logistician Specialist (COMLOGSPEC / CLS) is the new name for Driver Lineman Storeman.

    I don't know if the exact job spec has changed recently.
  5. Ready for all the Liney piss drinking contests are you?
  6. They don't do any line training anymore.
  7. They will double hat between the QMs department and the MT gaining experience in both before they can be signed off for their Class 2. Class one not sure if the course has been designed just yet but will undoubtedly have to cover MT management, the whole G4 accounting piece, and whatever else they can fit in.
  8. There is a bit in the lastest wire from the SOinC. I glossed over it to be honest.
  9. I am still stuck in the land of the prairie so no access yet - I know my unit intends to do 6 month turn rounds with between the MT and the QMs to give them the knowledge they require to progress in trade, but it will no doubt be different wherever you go
  10. You playing next week?
  11. If I get back in time - not looking good:(
  12. Fingers crossed.
  13. Just a question of the RLC take over of other Corps.
  14. I think in the very near future there will be a lot of inter Corps trade bargaining - I know for a fact that the SOinC wants to take all Appspec posts under the Corps as E1 appts and as you state above we could be very closely intermingled with the RLC with regards to G4 punters.