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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by ex_sigs, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. Im ex signals, been out 16 months and want to get into a contracting job in Iraq/Afghan or anywhere else that may be interesting.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me any advice.

  2. It's getting harder to get decent work out in the middle east with reputable companies. Doing the 'Pheonix course' would help you and if passed usually results in a contract being offered. You can get work easily enough with a pikey company but your chances of survival will go right down! Armour Group for instance have the backup of the US Forces and can call for air support, QRF, medivac and the likes. You'll not get that from many security companies out there. Many are also looking for soldiers with infantry experience unless a post comes up that is trade specific which is few and far between.
  3. Have you tried Controlled Risks Group?? They were looking for Comms operators earlier this year, check their website mate. As for the Phoenix course, unless you plan on doing PSD work out there you wont need it
  4. Or log on to KBRjobs
  5. have a look at ATCO frontec's web page, they do CIS for Kabul airport, expect about 3k per month. Worked for them for 13 months, bit safer than being on the ground, I know a few guys have just left so they are recruiting, depends what your into, good luck
  6. could someone educate me on what the Phoenix course is? Is it slang for 4/73 selection? Or the golf links in Phenix Arizona? Probably not the latter, but would love to know anyway, thanks
  7. thanks for all the replies, ill check out the sites mentioned.
  8. Nearly right, I think it is actually based in Phoenix, Arizona, now owned by ArmorGroup, its a three week SIA (Security Industry Associates) course, (I think, never done it), but the FCO insist that anyone doing PSD work (Bodyguarding and the like) does the course, hence its necessary if you want to work for CRG etc. Its costs about £4,000.
  9. Phoenix course run from Hereford.You can do it on your resettlement.
  10. pardon? oh right, the SAS are going to spend the taxpayers' money helping me to work as a mercenary. WALT


    I know, less dangerous and perhaps more profitable, I shall just sell my story to the highest bidding press/desperate publisher.

    Thanks for your help anyway. Incidentally I met this chap the other day who reckons he knows the Emir of Umcantremeberistan's nephew and the nephew wants to stage a coup. He wants me to head up the whole operazzione and I need a solid military type to do the dirty work.

    It will involve beach landing, palace storming and radio-station-contolling ( may involve summary executions, should the DJs resist ).

    Should you or any recruits need a brush-up, there is a ready made manual in all good bookshops called The Dogs Of War under one of my many nom-de-plumes, Frederick Forsythe.

    I will control the money and you will do all the work. Our only contact wil be through one or more of my PSD ( Private *sniggers uncontrollably* Security Detail) AKA Charlie's Angels.

    Although, I hasten to add, my name is not Charles. That's just a cover name.

    So if you are interested please PM me.

    "mum" is the word old bean. Great de-oderant too.
  11. thankyou,
  12. right, that's me told off then.


    If I apply for a Jobseeker's Grant, bearing in mind my wheelchair-ridden status, combined with partial sight, but with a steady hand, and if if ( I stuttutter too) they turn me down, do you think I coould take them to the European Court of Human Rights?

    has it worked for others? What are my chances?

    I think we should be told........