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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by emski, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Off to my first interview on friday and looking for some advice.

    My first two choices are Royal Signals ...

    Comms Systems op and Tech Supply Specialist.

    Was wondering if people in the know about the jobs could give me any extra info that might be useful? It's easy to read up on the info the army site gives you and what you are given by the recruiters but it's always good to know from guys who are out there doing the job!

    Sorry if this has been asked before.

    Any advice on either job would be great.
  2. Technical Supply Specialist is a storeman and probably the most over blown job title since the short lived 'Tele Op P and A'
  3. operator = best job in the corps, nuff said
  4. TSS is going to end soon too. Becomeing the soon to be named "Driver Storeman".

    Basically a mergeing of the RSigs Driver trade and the storeman. Responsibilities will include driving inc C+E and D+E licences (some get A), veh maintainence (including serviceing), ADR licences (and instructor), Driving instructors licencing and various logistics and transport management quals and MHE driving and possibley instructor, various stores and logistics quals and a fair few H&S type quals.

    I would imagine promotion will be quite quick for the more intelligent.

    CS Op is a trade undergoing substantial trade. I wouldn't say it is better or worse than the Above. However, Ops have some good tours, and the possiblility to serve with various specialised units with rewarding roles. ie SAS.

    The CS Ops is a merger of ALL operator jobs in the Corps (bar the old Spec Op) so you will get to work a fair range of equipment. Bewarned however the old "Radio Fcukpig" role is still there, where you put up tents and make brews for the staff more than you touch the radios.

    stevie_r, PandAs weren't that bad, nor shortlived. Just the title TeleOp PandA was shortlived, ending in 1993 (?) with the subsumation of the PandAs in to the AGC massive. They were normally good lads though
  5. Ah yes, as CF has mentioned there are tents and there are tents!!! Regt, Sqn and Div HQs oh 'kin joy, thankfully I've spent very little time on the HQ side and have been out living it large on a RRB or RLD.

    There are alot of times when you will hate what your doing such a night move including a HQ setup and getting comms in all with strict ( ? ) night / noise discipline but generally the good points by far outway the bad times. If you shine as on op you can pick up in 1 - 2 years no problem.

    It does all depend what you want from your time in the army, personally though, operators do have the pick of the crop when it comes to jobs / postings / tours
  7. Thanks for the advice all.

    Pleased to say that I passed my first interview with what my recruiter claims to be flying colours and i have pre adsc booked for 18th april (was injured my first attempt so didn't complete run) but they are seeing if my 2nd interview can be done before this in the hope I can then get up to ADSC nice and quick :)