Comms system operator?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TartanTrooper, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. I am applying to join as a REME armourer just now but had a letter through the door from the local AFCO containing two playing card type things with information about the role of Rsigs comms systems operator, is this job extremely undermanned? also if any of you are in the job or have been did you enjoy it? is phase 2 hard? if you had the choice again would you choose the same job or anotherone?
  2. Fixed that for you.
  3. personally i would do the job over being a REME armourer, and there are golden hello incentives availiable for operators right now, being if you have D grade GCSE's in maths english and science you will qualify for around £1250 golden hello from the signals.

    I recruit everyday for the corps and looking at qualifications gained from the corps would advise for the installation technician - a hell of a lot more quals than most trades. (promotion isnt as good as the csop)

    outside the corps i would be looking towards the royal engineers and getting traded in the plumbing / electrician posts - purely due to the transferrability of the qualifications on civvy street !
  4. hey-up-cheeky, I know this is slightly off topic but i'm hoping to go in as a communications systems engineer, what are the promotion chances like for that trade? I know you can get promoted to lance corporal after phase 2 but I've heard rumours that it's very slow after that? Also do you gain a lot of transferable skills to civy street? i'm planning on making a career out of the army but would obviously like to leave with something useful outside the army. any help would be appreciated :)

    edit* does the golden hello apply for every trade in the royal signals?