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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by deltacharlie52, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. hi, im going somms sys operator and i understand what happens at training etc,
    but i was just wondering what life is like after training and what happens on a day to day basis.

  2. Search function.

    Try it you might like it.
  3. will do, i didnt see that.
  4. not the song, the symphony.

    Edited to say "this what happens when the post your replying to is deleted before you finished".
  5. Normal weekly routine is maintenance of your detachment (mainly dossing it in the crew room), PT and preparation for tech inspections of your det or exercise/operations. Then you go on ex/ops, come back, clean all your kit and det, back to maintenance, prep to go away again, and again, and again. When you go on exercise, it mainly consists of putting up tents or building HQs of some kind, doing sentry duties then occasionally you might go on shift and do some of your trade. When you go on ops, you normally go onto a shift routine where you will go on shift onto whatever kit you will be working with, passing communications traffic or helping staff orificers with their comms kit.

    It is a good trade if you can get into it, just don't go with the crowd and let your standards slip, and you will shine and do well :-D

  6. thank you very much mate, i start basic on the 23rd doing it so hopefully il do well.
  7. Hmmmm.
  8. get used to floor walking in BFOT's and once you start going through the ranks get used to standing around, watching people work around you and constantly checking the Birko is full
  9. Depends on totally where you work....and if that is what you think as you progress through the ranks will be wrong. You'll be saying that you are RD as a Sgt next!
  10. Brilliant, you baffle a new guy with a slangy acronym and a spelling mistake that makes no sense. And people wonder why the Signals forum gets slagged off....

    For deltacharlie52, BFOT = big eff off tent and "Birko" should read "Burco", which is a big communal water heater / boiler thingy commonly used to make shedloads of tea and coffee.
  11. thanks mate , i didnt have a clue.
  12. My bold Sounds like lead farmer hasn't either! 8O
  13. When you finish phase 2, you'll probably know more about BOWMAN than the rest of your peers. Just pay attention to the lessons and get hands on at your unit and you'll do good. Be prepared to learn about more comms systems also, as I only touched BOWMAN in Blandford went on tour, BOWMAN isn't even used on tour.... :-o . It's like anything though, if you're prepared to learn it becomes second nature.
  14. Is it not what tour did you go on!!! pray tell! 8O
  15. I beg to differ... but I guess that if you just sat in Lash making brews, you wouldn't have seen a radio... :p