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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hexi_harry, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. I am looking at the trade of Technical Supply Specialist, but have heard this role has now changed into the Comms Support Specialist.

    Can someone let me know what this new role encompasses, what training is now involved, promotion prospects or is it the same role with a new name?

    Any info would be grateful.

  2. Same training as Tech Sup Spec, but you get to drive and work in MT too.

    You'll more likely end up in a MT section for your first tour.

    IIRC there is "nowt taken out", it is literally Tech Sup Spec with enhanced driving and the option to flit in to the MT side as neccesary.

    The bigger change is coming the other way for the current drivers.
  3. Sounds like an ED to me!

    Am I getting old...? :oops:
  4. What would actually be useful is for the Corps to publish stuff like on the website, ArmyNET or even ARRSE, Facebook, Twitter or anything really as long as it gets the message out. We only ever hear about these changes - significant changes - through word of mouth and, increasingly, rumour. The fact that some people in puzzle palace know exactly what is happening but the majority of the Corps remain in the dark at is inexcusable. Surely HQ SOinC(A) and HQ R SIGNALS have people whose job it is to pass information to the wider community. It really shouldn't have to be resolved over ARRSE. Come on headsheds, surely it isn't a secret?

    There's nothing wrong with using all the available outlets to communicate - failing to do so is ironic at best. Unclas information deserves an unclas distribution channel and it shouldn't be 'need to know'. I know what some of you are thinking - that's the job of the chain of command. Yes of course it is, but it simply isn't working. Too many links in the chain lead to a combination of chinese whispers, selective hearing and "who cares". All in all, IMHO, things need to be improved.


    Disappointed of Tunbridge Wells.
  5. Some ill-informed replies above. The new job title is actually going to be Driver Lineman Storeman (DLS). The current planning is for the DLS to initially qualify on the Driver Line side of life with a 5 week trade package followed by up to 12 weeks driving, including Convoy communications, Field Cable (inc fibre optics), ECDL Pt 1, Driving Licences B, B+E, C and C+E (possibly D1 minbus and/or MHE Forklift), full HAZMAT qualifcation, MT management and a 2 days stores package. The Stores (Technical Supply Specialist) side of the trade is currently planned to be delivered later in the DLS's career as pre-employment training prior to moving into that role. A lot of planning is still going on but this is the current state of play.
  6. Try trawling past copies of the Wire for a number of internal articles on the subject. The job cannot be advertised or communicated externally until the Corps actually has a licence for the new trade from DGS........still pending but imminent as I undertsand it.
  7. A good reply above. You're right about the Wire but it's still a lot of work for individuals simply to find out what is going on in the corps. It also doesn't really help those individuals who start the thread by asking the question about what to join etc.

    Driver Lineman Storeman. What an inspired title. It does what it says on the tin. Except do line. At least we still "store" stuff rather than supply it. Phew...thank goodness for that.

    (p.s. joking)
  8. Thats why its called "Stores" if it was meant to given to people who "needed it ", it would be called "Issues"....................
  9. DLS? I much prefer Comms Supp Specialist...

    but I suppose the Liney Belt Massive wouldn't wear it.

    The above has pretty much remained unchanged, except for the delivery of the Stores side (originally at Class 3).

    Will the DLS (FFS) have ample time to carry out the PET, prior to posting?

    And why are they insisting on carrying on line and even branching in to Fibre? Surely the days of huge amounts of tempory cable laying are long done?

    Re the wire, I've not seen an indate copy for quite some time... and it is pretty boring at the moment.
  10. I'm a signaller in the RE - class one, BOWMAN Advance sig, LCpl & will have served 10 years this Sept.

    The promotion prospects in my trade are crap to say the least and I'm starting to get pissed off with going no-where fast hammered home when I met up for a few shandies with an old mate who started phase one 10 weeks before I did and he's just picked up his stripey.

    Would it be worth my while if I pushed ahead with a transfer, how much training would I need to do, is the trade high or low band and what are the promotion prospects (especially for a hairy arsed sapper)?

    In addition to the sig's quals I have, I spent Herrick 6 as the SQMS for a sqn sized group so despite having no formal stores quals know my way around the stores.