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Is it me or have the recent promotion boards for Comms Specs all gone a bit wrong?

I find it hard to beleive that MCM can not forecast that on the last main Cpl- Sgt board that they would need a few Sgt's, then only a few weeks ago they promote a substantial amount of personnel.

Are some of the young ones getting promoted to Cpl too early?
no, there was yet another fook up at MCM like what happened afew years ago about people not being told they where promoted and still sat as cpl's......... 8 months down the line when there thinking of the next one then......... whooops hang on why ant he promoted he picked up last year..........oh not he didnt............oh yes he did............ whooop best promoted him/her now then see if anyone notices.........and next years board have to be small one (2008). so hence why this one was small. lots of people last year picked up and didnt get told YET AGAIN!

anoying as it sounds no one appolgises from MCM div and thing carry on as usual! (if that was a civvy firm there be sacked by now i bet).
So essentially, additional promotions should not given. Seems that some people complain if there are promotions and complain if there are not. Have you considered that the Comms Specs also promote on the driver role - with lots of changes in structure and people PVRing etc. Opportunities develop through the year. I think the Comms Specs who were recently promoted are actually quite happy.
well yeh of course i was over the moon, i picked up last year (2007) but all the same..... people that SHOULD of picked up wasnt told...... so missed out on time in rank and of course the money! and picked up 8 months later than the rest of us, And people that picked up on the DRIVER side that picked up obvouilsy deserve it too BUT... theres always a but.....why should they take up COMMS SPECS spaces when they picked up on the driver side :x bloody irritating. means people that picked up on the comms specs side lose out on potentially a good posting in a "rad troop" and get posted as a driver!
I could argue that every Comm Spec that picks up on the Driver roll prevents a Driver from being promoted. The net beneficiaries are the Comms Spec soldiers who traditionally score well and are able to compete well against their Driver colleagues. The Driver roll is useful to the Comms Spec and allows an outlet into a wider trade for career development. Some will argue that Comms Specs should only promote as Comms Specs.
Is that what we are called nowadays - ComSpecs :?

I think I would prefer to remain a Dvr/Rad OP, as that is what best describes my skills.

They will have you setting up networks and doing the IT next :roll:

If you are equally qualified in both sides of the trade why not get the opportunity to be promoted on both sides of the trade?

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