Comms in Telic

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Jun 30, 2005.

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  2. of course clansman coped it had guys like me maintaining it :p
  3. This blue force identifier wotsit sounds like the SSR system used in aircraft

    does it work via gps/satcomm or some sort of interogater jobbie ?
  4. scanned through the full report, basically the same old lions led by donkeys situation
  5. Blue Force Tracker (as it is coloquially known) is primarily a trunk system to provide situation awareness to all networked units. As the US discovered, it needs a constellation of satellites to keep everyone 'clued up'.

    Bowman is designed to be a true 'tactical internet' which relies on VHF/HF/HCDR connectivity via DDNS to keep everyone roaming and regrouping. As a nifty sideshow, it will also facilitate the transport of positional information around the network, which already works jolly well - and I'm a cynic.

    We will be able to 'share' information with BFT-equipped Fmns and units via an interface called CBFSA - Coalition Blue Force Situational Awareness - which is also working jolly well right now.

    People often say we should have bought the US solution - well, we don't have the kit, we don't have the money, and we don't have a tradition of fighting 'hands off' and allowing technology to solve all our problems either. :D
  6. Fair one but given that for example ALL the US Strykers have it. They know to brick/section level where everybody else is, on a map down to 8m's.

    I will never understand why we have such use of VTC. Its for meeting for those twots who think its important to see each other.

    Remember in Bos 95/96. Great the Boss man's chatting away saying" And here you see X,Y or Z being blown up". Great except he was the only fukker with a working TV. It and it was enough to hear that bridge ZXT at grid 1234567 was blown.

    Brent overloaded. - why use it if Ptarmigan was there?. If it was overloaded weel buy more SPAM TACSATS.
  7. Old_Bloke - good call, but the FCBC2 fit into Stryker was extremely unpopular with virtually everyone, as it was in M2/M3 as well. The fighting compartment of any vehicle is cramped enough IMHO, as I'm shure you know. :D
  8. Are you endorsing Ptarmigan or condemming Brent ? :lol:
  9. Neither, until BOWMAN all we got is Ptarmigan. Brent has how much BW? depending on the line?
  10. sorry , never heard of Brent
  11. Different systems, ones a mobile trunk system and the other can use phone lines.
  12. Oh its a telelphone network

    bor ******* ing
  13. thats what the system u work on is :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Ok lets get straight to the point.

    PATRON was fine, it is after all a simple PABX. It worked very well within its own level. However what was shaky was the link back to the Military backbone. The RLI etc is where the problem is. However you cant control "certain" things ya know so expect certain problems at certain times of the day. Another point often overlooked is the trunks in to where calls are routed. Lets take a 1* setup, add to that lots of 2 * about and think for a moment on who they may be calling? Thats right only so many calls get in and out (bothways) in the UK and at each location (calls could not be routed locally i.e site to site it is not how the system works) so a little perspective is required here.

    BRENT - Yes overlooked maybe but only in the short term as SYNERGY brought in ISDN. If you want BRENT then the OSCA dets will require upgrading and then so will your bandwidth requirements... doesnt look so appealling now does it? especially when you have PATRON over the SLI (SECURE Voice) combined with JOCS so again, a little perspective is required.

    What is BRENT. Simply put is an ISDN Handset that gives you SECURE voice/data over a INSECURE ISDN line. Remember kids you need an ISDN fitted switch with your Det!

    Ptarmigan, not really my bag but it was functional. But it is serving a function way past its designed role so excect problems. Again VTC, a heavy bandwidth application running over a small bandwidth trunk "HARRO!!" So for the 3rd time a little perspective.

    BOWMAN wasnt ready end of story.

    The Forces deployed, comms were laid out and in the HQ enviroment they served their purpose, JOB DONE!!

    Thanks to the hard work and skillsets of the Signals...amazing sounded like a pat on the back and rightly so, much deserved and dont let anyone tell you different.

    Yes but you missed the point in that when a HQ become static its role is different in that it is fully functional and focused differently from manouverist tactics, your comparing chalk with cheese

    So what is the point of that little essay???