comms guy looking to transfer military quals to civy jargon

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by anthxix71, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. ladys and gents

    im looking for some serious advice. im leaving the army in about 11 weeks spoke to my rfea today .
    and he advised transfering my military skills and job speck to civilian quals. after 22 years this seems like a monumental task.
    my background is that im an infantry full corporal with specialist quals in communications i.e rsj , rs, bowman advandced signaller etc

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

    tony bown
  2. Okay matey, very simple solution

    On Monday phone the civilian accrediation team in Warminster (the guys who dish out NVQ's etc to the recruits) they will have all the info that you require

  3. There is a good magazine called Quest, which you can pick up from your resettlement office or AEC. I dont know if Pathfinder is still published. Plenty of details of courses to get you qualified up to civvy level. As you've been a lifer, you are entitled to every resettlement brief, course, etc going.

    Good luck.