Comms down!

Due to over-use my mobile has about 2 seconds-worth of battery left, so if you need me please PM me - I have pop-up alert so will see them quickly.
OK, I'm off these means for a couple of hours - I blew my parentals out at the weekend coz of concentrating on this - so I'm off to The Garden of England for dinner. Will be back online sometime around midnight and have my mobile with me if anyone needs to get in touch urgently: 07949 299 751

Have fun continuing to fight the good fight! ;)
Am off to Ashtead now to RV with FARMBOY, the RBL, Aristander and HydraJoe.

PTP if there's any news from the V-Bloke ref an ARA rethink, please get someone to call me with RV details. Remember, I'm down there again tomorrow evening, so can meet up then or call him during the day...

Reminder of number if anyone needs me: 07949 299 751
My comms are down too, as I managed not only to break my laptop this weekend, but I lost my phone as well!

Had to drag the work one home so I could log on here tonight.

Best not to advise people to ask me for contact I can't remember any by heart. I just had to my own sister! God I'm crap.

Should have new one by tomorrow on the same number, so will be requesting all your numbers again tomorrow afternoon :)
I'm on the road to Ashtead again in a few moments.

I'm going to try to meet Major Michael Hancock from Lower Ashtead who wrote the lovely letter to the council about ferrying the families to-and-fro himself.

I'm also going to try to locate some local superstores and ask their managers if we can leaflet in their car parks tomorrow.

Everyone who has said that they're on the ground tomorrow has received a briefing PM from me, included in which is my mobile number and Sven's mobile number - I have told them all to defer to Sven tomorrow.

The council is briefed as to the HC Irregulars' needs and I have sorted transport for them all - Pete to liaise with me as required.

I am at Sue's beck-and-call from pretty much now on, so I'll make contact later and get details of RV for tomorrow and any stops we need to make on the way to HC.

If anyone needs me I will be available on my mobile all evening (leave a message if I don't answer - driving) and online again from around 2300.

I think that's covered it!

Ros x

07949 299 751
Just juggling, SKY News in planning right now, just got off the phone with them.

All I can get from them right now, is "We want to cover this story"

So stand by for last minute on-off-on bus shennanigans :(
Off to get petrol and then on to get Sue.

Contactable on mobile - 07949 299 751 - leave a message if I don't reply!

See you all later!
Ros x

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