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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 3bagsfull, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Im thinking of leaving the army in the not too distant future and as a radio systems operator im still not too sure what jobs in civvy street would be suitable. i want to stay in comms. i know civvy street probably think that being in the signals would mean you ought to be a "comms god" of sorts but we in the signals know that this is farrrrrr from the truth. what companys out there offer ex signals training opportunitys and job prospects. iv had alot of hf/vhf and uhf experience. mmmmm :?
  2. 3bagsfull, we have a friend who recently left the sigs and he is having a really difficult time finding work in comms, as is another lad who left around 12 months ago. I think you may be best trying to secure employment prior to you leaving the army otherwise you may find yourself in the same situation of being unemployed. Telewest, B.T and such as NTL seem to be the main employers, but with no opportunities at the present it seems. Best of luck.
  3. Have a look at cable net training, they offer really good rates for ressetlement and place you with companys for two weeks after your training, Im doing a fibre and CCTV course with them later on in the year, they dont just do cable training have a look, civvie quals and its owned by two ex bleeps I think.
    I left the sigs a couple of years ago and your right there isnt many jobs that suit ex army guys without further training, I have only got back into telecomms 12 months ago and that was through someone I knew ect,
    good luck mate let me know how you get on, Ive got a few other contacts if you give me specs of what your looking for


  4. What about one of the military comms companies; GD, EADS, EDS, BAE Systems, DII? Have you got DV?
  5. DV Handy mate, PM me if you have. Might have something.

  6. Discos,
    hope you don't mind mate, i've pm'd you asking you for some info.

    Cheers mate
  7. If your interested in working with one of the above, PM me with a Brief CV and I'll have a look if we have anything to match!

  8. The grass is always greener.....