Commonwealth War Graves Photographic Project

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I thought you benevolent chap/chapesses might want to learn of a charity that won't cost you a penny, and where you can continue to honour the fallen and help those left behind.

Whilst performing the great 'tax-free-car-dash-accross-the-channel' from Germany to the UK, I plan to visit the grave of my great-uncle, killed at Paschendeale (my great grandfather, who was with him at the time, survived). He is buried only an hour away from Calais, so I intend to detour and pay my respects. Whilst searching for a bit more information, I came accross this site.

Their intent is to photograph every British/Commonwealth war grave, and have the pictures availale for those who cannot physically get to see the resting place of their relative/loved one. All they want you to do is visit a war grave site, take photographs with detail, put them on to CD, and send them. They then collate and put them on a web based database. Given that many of us serving soldiers, seaman and airman drive past many of these sites on the way home etc, you could give a helping hand.

I have only just made contact, but the more of us that do this the quicker and better they can achieve their task. Some of the sites have been done, some are incomplete, all you need to do is e-mail the contacts with your offer of help and they will tell you where the gaps are. I did't promise to photograph all the graves where my my great uncle lies, but every little helps. This could even be a worthwhile school project/battle field tour add on.

Anyway, thought I'd share the information.

All the very best.



You would be better with this in Military History
Thanks - but it is a charity, as opposed to a miltary history type organisation. That said, I could re-post.

They have just told me they need help in Germany also, if anyone is interested.



I offered to scan in pics of graves in Germany and they got rather sniffy about image size.
Interesting - they say on their web site that they can adjust - so go big and they will sort.


They were sniffy about the quality and size without even seeing the pics.
The Canadians did something similar and sent me one the year before I went to visit in the end.
"I thought you benevolent chap/chapesses might want to learn of a charity that won't cost you a penny"

'Charity', what 'charity'? All they appear to state is that they are NOT part of the CWGC, (which they are not), but nothing I can see that they are a registered Charity. Perhaps you could advise where their registered Charity number is?

And, while you do whatever for them at your expense, if you want an e-picture or hard print, you pay.

"for an e mailed, high resolution image, without watermark the administration fee will be £3 and for a 7"x 5" glossy print posted in hard backed envelope the fee will be £5. We request this be forwarded in advance of receipt of photographs."

Also, this appears open to anyone with the money and no concern in respect of NoK. Ergo, me/anyone can get photos of your family's war dead graves. Why would I want them? The markers are very similar and the data is free from the CWGC site - then I might be a grave ghoul??? :skull:


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