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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by cbcbda, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Are current commonwealth/colonial troops allowed to wear their country flash on uniforms the way they used to? (like the Canadian uniform below) It's not important but as someone from Bermuda, I just wondered if it was possible.

  2. If you join the British Forces, why would you want your uniform to look different to envy one else's?
  3. New Zealand Forces wear the 'New Zealand' flash on their No1s, purely to prevent being mistaken for Australians.
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  4. It's quite unnecessary; they know in their wizened little hearts that their effete demeanour, stunted stature and reedy voices are unmistakeable :wave:
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  5. I believe that the people of Yorkshire have also lobbied hard to be able to wear the 'Yorkshire' flash in order to distinguish themselves from the British.
  6. Sir, how dare you dis the New Zealand Royal Air, all right you got me there.
  7. The national shoulder flashes were (and in some cases still are) worn by servicemen and women of Independant Commonwealth Forces in their own right, not commonwealth members who happened to join the UK Forces. It was just convienience that UK style uniforms were adopted by countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand (East Tasmania ;-)) during the World Wars...
  8. Grumblegrunt

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    that will be the white rose of freedom.
  9. Hey Swampy, are you gonna put up with that!?
  10. The RNZAF has gone back to wearing 'Royal New Zealand Air Force' Flashes, rather than 'New Zealand', just as they did until c 1980.

    And I'm 6'1" and my heart is strongy...but I have large, hairy feet, suitable for a Hobbit.
  11. RNZAF? I thought you guys dropped the 'Force' to become Royal New Zealand Air. More suitable I think..
  12. I have no connection to the RNZAF other than laughing at Red Checkers (Our very low tech Red Arrows) displays.
  13. Pitswamper I saw you at last year's Anzac day wearing aussie flashes to try and fit in..
  14. Do you mind, you wouldn't have been able to see me as you would've been too busy performing the Aussie wave*

    *Batting off the flies
  15. Anyhow back on thread.
    OP you may not be able to wear a Bermuda shoulder flash, but I'm sure your RSM will look favourably on your request to retain your dreadlocks.
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