Commonwealth Traditions in the Army.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. I'm told it's a KORBR thing, they flew into action in Sicily.
  2. hotel_california

    hotel_california LE Book Reviewer

    First British unit to join a major engagement by glider when it landed in Sicily as part of 1st Airborne Division. (KOBR)
  3. Well, I learnt something and found a mail article interesting. Someone hand me a webley.

    Well done that man though.
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  4. Hmm, I'm not sure I agree with this one being appropriate in the context of a parade setting.
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  5. I am now officially an old codger.

    That is ****ing stupid.
    He is in the British Army. on parade before his monarch.
    He should not be indulding in his "traditional tribal" nonsense.
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  6. Some on here will be firing the bus up with language like that :).. Lucky they didn't parade with weapons... What a dilemma that would have thrown up.

    If he did it off hat without a prior nod from the sheds then he certainly has some bo11ocks.

    Whilst I would love it to be so I cannot quite see it. If it catches on they will have to writing some new drill movements for it at Pirbright.
  7. Dear god, are there Fijians any in the Household Div? Can you imagine the Trooping of the Colour?
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  8. NFCIs
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  9. I can't see what's wrong with it to be honest.

    If it is a mark of respect then so be it, we are not the GB Colonial Gun Boat team anymore.

    Stand down the OR Bus
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  10. Waving your penis at someone is a mark of respect in some traditions, as is kissing on both cheeks.

    How about some of that next time HRH is visiting?
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  11. I think it was the Staffords had the same.
  12. Quite, why on earth would we expect some form of discipline and common standard in the ranks. My issue is not that that he performed a native mark of respect - its that he did anything contrary to standing where he was told looking where he was told and breathing when he was told - a parade is not a garden party - he is not there representing himself or his culture. There is of course the chance his actions were pre-authorised - in that case Im sure the Pde Comd really thought through the image it portrays from a Regimental point of view. Its warm today and I've not had my lie down yet.
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  13. Non Freezing Cold Injury?
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  14. The fact that he was rolled out to the media afterwards to explain what he did would indicate the CoC knew about it and it was pre-planned. I would be pretty sure HMQ was briefed before hand as well just to make sure she didn't turn round and say 'what the ***** is that dusky chap doing? Have him flogged immediately."
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