Commonwealth Soldiers - Are they making the grade?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Fat_Cav, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Right, I left the army just as these guys and girls were arriving in droves from afar, and so a decade later, the question I'm asking is:
    Are they making the grade?

    I've read (and laughed) at all the stories of Domestic Violence and fabloned sick-chits, but is that all just generalisation and annecdotes from a mate of a mate who was on a course with someone who has a Fijian in their Bn?

    I've seen stories of commonwealth soldiers doing this and that and I must say, they all seem to be either Toms or JNCO's, and most with a few years behind them. So are these dusky comrades being represented in the make-up of the JNCO & SNCO in your Bn or Regt?

    So . .

    Are Fijians all deft with the back-handers at home and are good for ****-all except carrying the GPMG and playing Rugby or are they skilled warriors?

    Are all the African's lazy blacks with a tendency for Cold Weather injuries or do they actually do a good job and make up a good percentage of decent NCO's?

    Do the Caribbean posse just chill out and say 'Yeah Man!' alot or are they a true assett to HM Forces?

    Who brings the most to the Party and who could you do without?

    I don't have a great deal of experience with these soldiers, however, my wife works the patch at a local (RLC) Bks as a Midwife and her experiences are of them as individuals are of being being warm, generous and family orientated (even our Melanesian bretheren :wink: )

    I'm genuinely interested to see where we are a decade or so later, and if all the effort was worth it and now should it cease (if not already)

    Please don't turn this into a racist rant, as I'm sure a cull will happen, and I'm not interested in your bigoted views anyway.
  2. Well, although you ask that this thread doesn't 'turn into a racist rant', you are already categorising serving personnel by their race and in my books, that is racist.

    As a recently-departed senior officer (who, coincidentally, hails from Polynesia) I find this posting rather offensive to all SP. Never in my 27 years of Service has anyone ever questioned my performance on the basis of ancestry, skin colour or religeon. The only exception is around the time of the RWC when I naturally support the best team on the planet, the All Blacks.
  3. Fat Cav - I could do without idiots who think that the colour of a soldiers skin indicates his or her ability, attitude or values.
  4. Dunno when you left but this is not an unusual thing is it? When I was in the mob in the seventies, we had blokes who originated from the Carribean area, the West Indies, Uganda and even a French bloke. They were all good Soldiers.
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  5. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Some good, some bad . ..same as guys from England, Wales, Scotland etc
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Discriminating by race is racist, not asking if they are pulling their weight? Do please feel free to get off the persecution bandwagon and join the human race!
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  7. Regardless of race, religion and where they come from, I couldn't give a ****. As long as they turn up, on time, in good order and do the job they are paid to do, then I don't give a toss
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  8. I only have one thing to say on this....

    L/Cpl Johnson Beharry VC.
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  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Given the current climate of cuts and redundancies then this is a very valid question and one the requires informed discussion IMHO.

    To castigate the OP as racist for raising it is itself racist and if Crash is indeed an ex-Senior officer then he should be ashamed of himself.
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  10. To be fair to the OP I think he is trying to refute the stereotypes spread around by many posters here. ISTR stacker1 was very scathing indeed about Commonwealth soldiers...
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  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    A VC winner, hardly the everyday event is it? There are lots and were during my service like most of the lads who stayed and made a career it was evident that the cream rose to the top regardless of origin. Its the thing the army has always done well. Yes there are many who feel that their face didnt fit, dont worry it doersnt need skin colour for that, in my Bn your regional accent could for a few years make or break your career depending upon who was CO and Training Major etc!
  12. If you believe I'm being racist, I can't argue that, it's your perception.

    I catagorised by nation/continent/region, not colour. I may have used the word 'black' in one of my evaluation questions, but it mainly was on the back of some insinuations from ARRSEr's that African soldiers have a habit of being habitually sick or that Fijians are all drunken Wife beaters. Is that a view I should accept as fact because some ARRSEr says so?

    I don't see you getting all hasty when the usual stuff comes out. Also, why do you think I'm interested if you're an ex-Senior Officer? I'm an ex-JNCO, does that make my view any less valid?

    Idiot? Again, it's your view, I've been called worse.

    I'm trying to gauge a view on the success of Commonwealth soldiers in the wider Army. All I seem to hear on ARRSE is negative views sprinkled with some light bigoted vitirol, but what of the real commonwealth soldier?

    I left in '99 and on the contrary, I knew no commonwealth soldiers. There were two in my regiment from Africa, who were excellent sprinters, but I never met them or ever conversed with them. The only commonwealth soldier I knew well was a Fijian, and he grew up in Yorkshire.
  13. On the flip side; 2RGJ had a fair amount of single Fijian lads, and every weekend Hill block (by the square in Battlesbury Bks) was turned into a drunken race riot. Guard commander was a nightmare.

    However, on excercise they were pretty good bill-oddies.
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  14. I just remember the absolute fear from the Dutch when they heard the Royal Scots were coming to Banja Luka. I had a succession of Cloggies coming into my office to ask if the stories about the terrible "Fijimen" were true.

    I had a giggle at Christmas when the Fijian choir put on a really good show & I explained to a very blonde Dutch Officer that it was because their ancestors had eaten particularly tuneful missionaries.
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  15. Of those you work with/command, have they the similar proportion of JNCO & SNCO's against non-commonwealth soldiers in your unit heirachy? Are the commonwealth soldiers hitting the same promotion time scales as non-CW or are they faster? Or indeed is there no noticable difference?