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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by cdn_spr, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. Whit the hell is all this about a 2 year residency requirement?

    I know it's been covered by a thread here a while ago with someone trying to join as an officer, but have a lookie at this:,24295.0.html

    Seems an end is coming to the un-official British Foreign Legion, and I may be the last of a dying breed (ie the bloke in CS95 in the naafi bar in the falklands speaking with a canadian/zimbabwean/south african/aussie/etc etc ad infinatum accent, sticking out like a sore thumb).

    Is there anyone on this site even remotely related to the Overseas Recruiting Cell who may be inclined to comment, even anonymously? Even just to give confirmation/clarification as to the rules regarding commonwealth applicants.
  2. As Commonwealth personnel have a cast iron reason to want to join HM Forces (economic/the strange desire to wish to live in UK...) they are a very attractive proposition to a recruiter.

    The only problem is:

    1. Once we have stripped countires like Fiji of all their able bodied men and those able bodied men have settled in UK or anywhere other than Fiji. Will we be able to get more able bodied men from Fiji to replace them once they retire? This can be applied to the majority of our crown dependencies that we have stripped of manpower...

    2. If we recruit so many people from such areas and as a result start to worry less about recruiting people from UK, will we still be able to recruit British people effectively once we have exhausted the Commonwealth?

    3. Commonwealth recruits do occasionally cause problems with issues such as:

    Passports (e.g. Zimbabwe refusing to re-issue a passport)

    Welfare (family problems, which may appear worse due to the distance involved)

    Cultural/national issues or differences. This is not a racist point, It should be noted that the impact of such issues may need to be considered in certain circumstances, eg us declaring war on Fiji (unlikely, but do you see my point) or a peacekeeping mission where the host nation take umbrage at Commonwealth personnel being involved (eg a South African national entering Angola).

    On the plus side, a diverse Armed Forces is an excellent thing. Many Commonwealth recruits are the sort of people who would want to fight for Britain anyway and probably bring with them excellent skills/experience.

    Personnel joining for a passport or economic reasons, are not necessarily what we want.

    I simply believe that we should not accept thousands of Commonwealth personnel into the armed forces, merely to meet quotas. We should still maintain our stringent standards and only take those personnel who fit the bill, wherever they are from!
  3. I'm not too sure that this or the 'stripping a country of all potential recruits' mentioned in point 1 is too much of a problem.

    I have been told somwhere along the line that there is a limit on the percentageof the whole army can be from the commonwealth, I believe it's (but don't quote me) somwhere around 13-15%. That isn't too much, and with the way the government are taking the army can only get less.

    Fiji being one of the small countrys that are well recruited have according to the "2003 CIA Workd Fact Book" (And why would they lie?? 8O ) has a male populateion between the ages of 15-65 of 283,690. I think that even if the unlikey event occured of that one country providing the complete 15% I think they might be able to supply that number if they had to, but why would they want to.

    The majority of the army are and in my opinion should always be recruited from the British Isles and by British citizens. Nothing racist or bigoted there, but it is right that the majority of the armed forces should mirror the country(s) that they are there to serve, or you run the risk of alienation and a perception of possible lack of loyalty. That's loyalty to the man on the street, and that is important.

    I believe that the British army has always been a place of diversity and can only be improved by including a divers collection of nationalities from all over the commonwelth. The one caveat to that statement is that all are treated equal and the PC police don't storm in and push for the rights of hwat are by definition minorities at the detriment of the majority. Within the constraints of rank trade and ability, all should be equal.... and that means equal and not some PC police commisioners interpretation of the word.
  4. Plant-Pilot, You do not have much of a point either. Instead of adding something worthwhile to this debate you have argued over my statements and offered a "I once heard from someone in the toilet that" version of recruitment.

    The CIA world factbook is an excellent resource, but it is a guide!

    The other thing you fail to notice about your statement about Commonwealth personnel is where they reside within the army. You fail to consider that certain arms may have more than others, which in itself can cause problems if an RLC unit has 50 people from Zimbabwe who cannot deploy as they do not have valid passports.

    That aside, this is not a place just for argument, read other peoples posts and unless you strenuously disagree, just keep your annoying, misspelt comments to yourself...
  5. Ummm.... your comments were in my opinion illgrounded, inaccurate and your argument full of holes. The army allways has to fill quotas, commonwealth recruits have to pass the same tests, to the same standards as everyone else. So why are you putting forward such a complete non-argument?
  6. Ping Pong anyone? :D
  7. Apparently you understand recruiting as much as you use your spell checker......

    You have no idea why we have so many Commonwealth recruits, in fact all you have added here is confirmation that we should:

    adhere to equal opportunities

    make the British Army mirror UK society

    cheers for that....

    my ideas are illgrounded (is that even a word? I will check if I can be bothered later) is that right, what an ARRSE you are. Where did I start an argument. Fools argue; normal people reason...
  8. Yes, we have a large number of commonwealth recruits, but not to the detriment of recruiting in the UK as we still have a shortfall in the numbers recruited. In fact, if we still have a shortfall with the recruits from the commonealth, how far behind do you think (if you ever bother) recruitment would be without them?

    I have mentioned before that only a certain percentage of the whole army can be recruited from outside the UK, so there isn't really going to be a flood of the proportions that you suggest.

    There seems no point in explaining the meanings of the words 'Equality' and 'argument' so I will leave you with that soft warm glowing feeling that you are the most intellectual poster on ARRSE. Funny that there is a whole thread of others who disagree with me on that one....... strange that.
  9. When my first tour with the US Marines was up I looked at joining the Royal Marines, but I had no interest in living in the UK for two years before I could enlist. To clarify that, I would have had no issue what so ever living in England, but I did not want two years of NOT being a Marine.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Where are you from ?
    Just wondered if you were a US national on enlistment or if you'd joined the USMC on a green card ?
  11. Green card..... which I still have. I moved here from London about 29 years ago. I was 3. And I have been a US Marine Reservist for 14 years now.
  12. aren't you entitled to take up US citizenship after living in the USA for a certain number of years ?
  13. A few points:

    1. The two year residency is a new thing, designed to stop non-EU natives into the Brit army (ok, wild accusation, but can you give me any other reason?)

    2. It took me two days to join up back in '92.

    3. Not all C'weath troops are from Figi - this is a new thing, with regards to en-masse recruitment.

    4. No problem with us deploying as an ID card will get you into and out of the country - passport not required (or that use to be the case).

    5. Passport is never guaranteed. Got my by the skin of my teeth.

    6. Always good to have people around who may be of some use in future invasions! :D
  14. I rate to apply for US Citizenship under three rules; more than 5 years in the US with a green card, more than 5 in the US Armed Forces (now you just need to complete recruit training) and I am married to an American (This will be ending SOON!)

    I just never realy wanted to be an American. I have the best of both worlds... I get to be a US Marine Scout Sniper and English.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    If you still have a Brit passport you wouldn't have had to wait two years before joining RM.
    But at thirty-two years of age, that might be a tad academic now !