Commonwealth Recruits become a problem

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ventress, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The Daily Mail has reported from a leaked letter from a 'senior source' that the Commonwealth recruits are becoming a problem, in respect to discipline. It points a finger at the RLC but says the Corps couldn't cope now without them. It reports they have what the Army calls an 'attitude problem.'

    It says the Army is still 3,000 under-manned.
  2. I would think that that is a fair and reasonable comment..and I hope I can concur without any race Equality Nazi's jumping on my back accusing me of mass defamation,denigration or racial stereotyping. Less PC more feckin' honesty.
  3. I do concur...! 8)
  4. What sort of Commonwealth recruits tho? The "senior source " should be careful here and not tip toe around the issue. This is the sort of broad brush language that could insult the many "commonwealth" soldiers that do a good job.

    Be careful Sir/ Maam!
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I think the daily mail inferred it was the Fijians with their caste system and the problems that creates.
  6. Stating the obvious here. It is the Fijiians. Damn few of them ever strike out to be effective and disciplined soldiers. The vast majority are ill disciplined drunks, crap at the job and here because they've got nothing else going for them back home. We can't get anybody to join the Inf, so we've settled for them. Cannon fodder. Shame you can't use cannons on them in peace time. Units seperate them when they arrive, but they soon fall back together at the weekends and then the hooly begins. They're worth neither the aggravation nor the money.

    Even the Gurkhas make an attempt to fit in with our culture, depite their own strong religious beliefs, but the Fijiians couldn't give a toss what we think. They'd spend their time tanked up and wrecking NAAFIs if they could.

    I don't know who's bright idea it was to recruit them, although I understand that the Royal Scots kicked the whole thing off, but they should stop recruiting them now. They are a waste of space, time and effort.

    Shame that the 'broad brush' will tar the other Commonwealth lads.
  7. I think I've asked this question before but:
    Why recruit Fijians? It's one of the most politically dodgy places in the Commonwealth (from which it's been ejected once or twice). They had to import thousands of Indians to actually get anything done in the damned place and since then the Fijians have spent most of their time trying to put the Indians down.
  8. The country does have nice rugby shirts though
  9. I seem to remember the last time there was a recruiting drive from Fiji ('60s) they were a great success, and much respected by all. What's happened?
  10. A different generation me thinks..! 8)
  11. ah and the problems the royal fijian reg, sorry i meant royal scots are having now illustrtates the problem of grouping them together
  12. No offence, Jash, but you appear to be a TA OCdt with Aberdeen UOTC. Either still in, or just left. I'm assuming keen, but early twenties, and neither a current or former member of the unit concerned, nor in the Infantry.

    You've made a fairly broad, and quite critical, comment without explaining yourself - so I'm curious:

    - What problems?
    - What evidence do you have? (First hand? Second hand? Bloke in a pub?)
    - What experience do you have in evaluating that evidence?
  13. Gravebelly

    The problem Im refering to actually came from members of the unit itself, the general problem being that when a fijian gets made up to l/cpl there is a problem with whether they listen to said guy or someone who happens to be big back on the islands. I heard this on several occassions off several different people and to such an extent that it put me off the Royal Scots, even though I have to say the rest of what I saw was pretty good. Therefore I wrote the comment that if this problem of the Fijians not following the army structure the Royal Scots (with its large contingent) will have issues. Oh and by the way they are all currently serving and it was comments from when I visited the Barracks, so it wasnt second hand, my brother said, in the pub, rubbish etc!
  14. Gentlemen,
    I have had the privilage to treat a vast mixture of individuals from the commonwealth, who have wished to serve their mother country and find out about such things has running water, electricity and the offside rule.

    My findings are :-
    South Africans and Zimbabwes are normally a sound bunch, do what they are told and have no other wish than to invade Zimbabwe. The are nearly all in the Airborne forces. :twisted:

    Those from the West Indies make up a large percentage of the RLC, not really intrested in the army and could not give a sh$t.Just want to save up a few quid to buy some land and build an house back home. :p

    Fijians, nearly in every infantry unit in the army.Those who joined early, late 90's, where the best of the bunch. The ones who tend to join now are lazy and tend to drink for the whole population of their island and complain about the cost of a flight back home. :roll:

    Please note this is just from my experience and I'm sure a large qty of the ARRSE membership have their own feelings and experiences reference this matter. 8)
  15. Errr..... by definition, yes it was. First hand is "you observe it yourself". Second hand is "someone who saw it first hand, told me".

    And you don't get to say "in my experience", either.......

    Anyway, you've answered my question. Although you'll find the same argument (the existence of a parallel command structure being contrary to good order and discipline) used against Freemasons - and I've heard several second-hand comments made about that particular issue.