Commonwealth Recruiting

Discussion in 'RLC' started by walk-on-the-wild-side, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone explain why we are still recruiting so heavily from Commonwealth countries when we have copious amounts of potential recruits right here in the UK? This isn’t a race issue, note the key words “UK” – so that could be white, black, brown, or pink with blue spots!

    Quite recently I have received within my unit (direct from the factory) soldiers who are from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Saint Lucia, etc, etc.

    WTF is going on? Anyone care to enlighten me?
  2. Because we as a nation have bred some lazy ******* who think that getting a 5 percent 'pay rise' is better than joining the Army.
  3. .
    Because like most immigrants, they do the jobs we brits don't want to do. Joining the RLC being one of them.
  4. Friends don't let friends join the RLC. :p:mrgreen:

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  5. Log Spec Supply has a higher GTI than many other trades and is also less physically demanding so attracts an older wiser recruit.
  6. Oh well....we can look forward to more F&C soldiers filling the Med Centre after their first Ex in a working unit during the winter months.
    And before anyone has a go, we have 6 F&C and 4 are "suffering" from NFCI.

    I say "suffering" as 2 havnt been to Hasler yet to get officially diagnosed.
  7. But they'll still go down town in freezing conditions in jeans, trainers and a t-shirt.
  8. Whats NFCI mean?
  9. Not ******* caring innit blud...
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  10. I thought it was because the Commission for Racial Equality threaten to take over our recruiting because we didnt have enough colour in our ranks?

    BBC News | UK | Army improves racism record

    Oh no wait, It was because the army values the commonwealth and for no other reason, honest.
  11. Your answer lies in PAP 10 (which I know you know, but I'm playing to the gallery). These scrotes need to understand that we aren't a charity and if they can't deploy, we will discharge them. If they are not fulfilling their side of the contract of employment, we will cease to house and pay them. Simples.
  12. You racist ****.
  13. Is this you speaking from experience?
  14. Well he did dare say something about our darker brothers, I was just parroting the party line.
  15. Are you Jeremy Clarkson?