Commonwealth Officers joining as a non-resident

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by WC_Bard, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have any knowledge of the time it takes for vetting a non-resident Commonwealth citizen before they start the Potential Officer selection?

    I have contacted RG HQ & seen all the information on the web (official & not sites) it says up to 5 years!
    By then I will be too old & my current visa expires within the year.

    Any advice or personal experience would be appreciated as I would prefer to be at Sandhurst sooner than later.

    PMs appreciated too.
  2. Pop in to a careers office and have a chat.

    There are thousands of non-resident commonwealth soldiers in the British Army, it should not be a problem.
  3. I thought your visa had to have 3 years or more left on it?