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Discussion in 'Officers' started by rdeous, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. I'm a post-grad from Oxbridge in IR (not that it helps)...I am looking for a dig at Sandhurst. The stumbling block is my nationality (Indian) and the fact that I have been a resident here for just over eight months. Are there any commonwealth officers here who have gone in for the commission before the 3 year residency requirement? I am also worried about the security vetting procedure, because I can just about see the Overseas Recruitment Cell tearing their hair out when they get down to deal with the Indian red-tape.

  2. I can't see a particular problem, providing you get a regiment to sponsor you and pass the Army Officers Selection Board, you should be OK. I would have thought your 3 years at Oxford or Cambridge (you didn't say which) would probably be adequate (I stand by to be corrected).

    If you were a member of the UOTC when you were at university and you graduated fairly recently your security clearance should still be valid. Otherwise your having grown up in India and holding an Indian passport shouldn't hinder you, unless you have been involved in illegal activities or have very dodgy friends or relatives (this would be a problem regardless of nationality).
  3. Dear Rd.

    Best you talk to the ACA-O. (probably a retired Brig )
    He is the persn who will brief you on your elegibility.

    Think the sticking point could be the residency. However, if they like you they might make it easier for you.
  4. Minimu requirements are 3 years for UK origin persons and 5 otherwise. A lot depends on where you come from. India is tougher! Ozzies, Nads and Ires get in easier.
  5. RD have pm'ed you.
  6. curious...
    My friend who is a commonwealth citizen had contacted the RAF on requirements for him being a pilot. He noted he knew he needed to be a British citizen but in reply the letter said they are some exceptions and they may be willing to give him a placement. (no its not me i have no interest in the RAF).
    Doesn't the Army have a similar policy especially now with the problem of retaining their officers?
  7. What problem with retaining officers? :? We are informed regularly that there is not a retention problem in the Officer Corps, hence no FRI, etc.