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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Am I missing something or does the rest of the commonwealth suck? Scotland, england etc are doing really well in the swimming, what's all that about? As I type someone from the Isle of Man is being awarded his Gold medal. The ISLE OF MAN!!! Seriously, everyone in that place has the same surname and 8 toes (although if they're webbed it might explain the swimming).
    Any ideas on why we've started winning things?
  2. Well the aussies are still doing better than anyone, but I'd guess that the success must be down to extra funding that allows the athletes to give up work and train properly.
  3. Plus the fact that they are naturally gifted at all type of sports. 8)

    Here is a link to the Medal Tally. :D
  4. Surely half the world should be in these games including the USA? or did we just not let them in?
  5. If there hadn't been those military and political mistakes in the 18th century then the US might have been a Commonwealth country rather than the UK being the 51st state of the US. The Republic of Ireland also declined to be a Commonwealth country just after WWII. Still it's nice to see that Papua New Guinea are doing well and the Isle of Man winning two medals now, there's only Norman Wisdom left on the island who hasn't won one.
  6. I failed miserably in my attempt to get my ARRSE banner into the opening ceremony. The security guy even gave me a mouthfull about my poor spelling. I couldn't be bothered explaining it to him.

    One of the reason other countries are doing well this year is that the Australian Mens swimming team is shite at the moment (relatively speaking) what with the Thorpedo out with bird flu and a number retired recently. The Scots have produced some excellent swimmers from fukc knows where.

    I got to the Rugby 7's and could have sworn Fiji would kick everyones arrse but they only ended up with Bronze and the Kiwi's turned over England in the final. The best game by a mile was Uganda vs The Cook Islands, a blooody corker.

    Although Australia is doing well in the medal tally at the moment we don't have much in the track and field to get excited about so England might be in with a shout there.
  7. Good to see our shooting marksmanship skills remain top notch though:

    England: 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze
    Scotland: 1 Gold, 1 Silver
    Wales: 1 Bronze
  8. Clearly Australia should be split up into its constituent states and territories for the Commonwealth games. Let's see how many medals the Australian Capital Territory would manage to get.
  9. Do you mean new and south and wales?
  10. Check out the pistol results. The Indians have cleaned up in some events, namely air rifle and three-position rifle. Being professional shooters does tend to help. The fact that the 50m range is ... errr... a bit tricky in the wind (read: howling bloody gale, comparatively speaking) has given the Home Countries some advantage in the prone rifle matches.

    Meanwhile, the Indians and Australians are cleaning up in the pistol events (strange that).