Commonwealth citizens

Hi, my first post on here, im sure youve heard this alot but what is your opinion on commonwealth citizens joining up? im from south africa and have been thinking about it for ages, but there are alot of formalities holding me back at the moment...
thank for the reply, i have been chatting to the online recruiters for the past couple of nights, everything is ok except for the fact i need a sponsor in the uk to support me for the period of the interviews and whatever else... and the most concerning issue, have a look at this...'-recruitment.html

its funny that the recruitment officers didnt mention it though... but apparently its not "LAW" as yet...???
I'm thinking of doing the same man, that Bill is also troubling me, as I have no idea if it is in effect.

Good ol' SANDF is just going down from what I hear, and the SAAF , the world's 2nd oldest Airforce is falling apart as we speak..

Depressing times..

Anyway, are you planning to enlist soon? If so lekker bru :)
screw the bill thats what i say... i want to enlist asap just the uk sponsor thats holding me back at the moment... and you what are youre plans??
I'm still young man, gonna finish my Matric and do a gap year before enlisting. I have two friends joining up now though, so I'm pretty much gonna rely on them for sponsorship I reckon.

I wonder if the Chav's are anything like our "Hosh dalla" gaamsters here in Cape Town :p

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