Commonwealth Citizens applying for RMAS?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bond, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. Gents,

    I am currently serving in the Australian Army Reserve (our TA equivilant), as an Officer-Cadet, and have been for 2 years. I will, assuming all the right stars and planets align properly, earn my commission next July as a Lieutenant.

    Concurrently I am studying at our national university, and will complete my degree in mid-2010.

    This january I am coming to the UK on a university exchange programme, and will be spending the 6 month period also on exchange with one of your OTC outfits.

    I have become increasingly interested in coming to RMAS once I have completed my degree, rather than going through RMC Duntroon (again) here in Australia. Whilst with the OTC in the UK I shall be making enquiries, but I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with Commonwealth citizens applying for and attending RMAS?

    It appears relatively straightforward for Other Ranks, but I have heard or found no definitive information on Officer entry.

    Obviously I will be holding the Queen's Commission on applying for a place at RMAS, will that negate the requirement to attend your selection board? It would, after all, be a rather expensive trip just to attend board. (at over 1000 GBP for a flight). Not interested in any Recognition of Prior Learning beyond that, utterly keen to turn up and complete the entire course with the rest of my cohort.

    Cheers in advance,

  2. G'day Bond,

    I find myself in much the same situation. I am from South Africa and I really want to make the army my career as an officer. I have spoken to a few people about goining to RMAS but all have said that you need a residency of 3 years as a Commonwealth citizen. However they also said are wavier periods are granted to certain cases. I am quite interested to see the replies for this topic as I am still very keen on joining as an officer.

  3. Gents

    Don't quote this as an absolute statement of fact but Aus officers can transfer in to the British Army if they meet certain criteria - not sure what they are. Alternatively, as a member of the Commonwealth you can serve for at least 12 months as a soldier in the ranks of the British Army and then apply for a commission but you can't just rock up and Sandhurst and get in as a Commonwealth chappie.

    Not a lot of help I know but hopefully of use.
  4. would that mean no 5 or 3 year residency? So if I had to rock up and join up as a soldier I could go to Sandhurst after one year?
  5. Stewi

    Do the sensible thing and ring a recruiter. You can even do it by e'mail over the Army recruitment web site. They'll talk to you pretty well immediately. A long time (sorry, a very long) time ago, a then (Rhodesian) (I did say it was a long time ago) joined my recruit troop almost straight off the aircraft, completed basic (and I suppose gained a recommendation,) passed Westbury in time for a January entry after joining in the prior May.

    Best of luck.

    Old Rat
  6. Thanks, I have e mailed a recruiting officer in the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Did the Rhodie join as an officer or as a soldier?
  7. Stewi

    Joined as a soldier.

    Old Rat
  8. As a serving officer from a commonwealth country you can apply to transfer directly over to the british your CV and all service records are looked at and if suitable a position will be offered in the relavant corps or arm .This option to transfer is not an option at soldier level.
  9. PM me for details if you so wish