Commonwealth Citizens and the TA.... Advise please

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide information regarding certain things of the TA. Here's the scoop:

I am a Canadian citizen currently serving in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve as an armour recce crewman for the last two years. I am just about to finnish my BA and I am going to do my Masters and Phd in the UK next year. I want to continue my career as an army reservist while I am in the UK and thus I am planning to join the closest TA unit to the uni i choose to go. Furthermore, I want to join as an officer now that I have my BA. I understand that as a commonwealth citizen I am allowed to join the TA; however I am having some doubts on the whole citizenship clause. I was not born in Canada, and although all my family has Canadian citizenship, my place of birth was outside the commonwealth. Also, in some websites it says that it is required from me to have lived 5 years in the UK prior to applying although in certain circumstances this can be overpassed.

I know a bunch of people already have asked the whole commonwealth citizen question before. Yet I think they were not under the same circumstamces as me. Anyways if there are any recruiters or people with experience handling TA applications I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

I got myself an Ancestry Visa (and was commissioned in the CF) before I went through the UK system. Looks like in your case you wont be able to do the same.
I would recommend getting commissioned in the CF first - that will help as the British Army can apply for a residency waiver (as was done in my case). It's not something commonly done - and especially not for those in the ranks of a Commonwealth force - so it helps to have a little "more" to your cv than being a crewman.
Keep in mind it can be a long process (the CF took 3 1/2 years to send my service records to the UK - which were required BEFORE I could sign the papers).
Your choice in Regiment/Corps will be vital in the process as they can help exponentially - or in rare cases, hinder - your progress.

You should start getting on the phone and chatting with units - explain your situation - including what visa you will be on, as that is key (visitors or student visa - you've no chance).

PM me if you would like more info

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