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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Iso, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Iso

    Iso Swinger

    I am a commonwealth citizen originally from Nigeria but presently studying full time in the UK on a student visa. My question is; At the end of my programme, am I eligible to join the army using my student visa? What other criteria do I need to have to join? By the way, I have lived in the UK for 18months. Cheers mates.
  2. As far as I know, you need six months left on your visa and it says in bold the army will not extend your visa if it runs out during your application or words to that effect on the form. Have you asked your AFCO?

    EDIT: Guys, this is the joining up forum. Be nice to us wannabes, we could be your boss one day ;).
  3. Iso

    Iso Swinger

    I have no visa issues at the moment. My student visa is valid for another 3 years, but I am at a crossroads in making a decision to defer my programme and join the army in order to fulfil a career goal.
    @still staggin, I am a Nigerian and your stereotype is wrong.
  4. Does a student visa still work if you're no longer a student but still have time on it? As I said have a word with your AFCO, I'd tentatively say it probably won't be a problem but always worth checking. Oh yeah and get used to the banter, you'll be stuck with 'transfer the money' jokes for the next 22 years if you get in! Best of luck
  5. Hi. As Fezzick says, best thing is to consult your Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO). However, from the published UK Border Agency Immigration Directorate instructions, it seems that a commonwealth citizen legally present in the UK on a student visa CAN in principle be accepted for interview, selection and enlistment for the armed forces. If successful, he then comes under the rules for commonwealth citizens serving in the armed forces regardless of his original student visa status.

    I think Fezzick's point about sufficient time being left on your visa when you start the process is important.

    This is a quote from the guidance:
    The Army website has this page with various links including one to the UK Border Agency:
    Foreign and Commonwealth Citizens - British Army Website
  6. Why not join the Nigerian Army?
  7. Iso

    Iso Swinger

    cheers mate, this quote sums up the answer I was expecting.
  8. All Aboard!!!!!
  9. As long as you have at least 4 years on your passport and 4-6 months on your Visa start the application. Most my overseas candidates at present have updated their visas on at least two occassions in last year as the process is taking time at the moment...this is done at your expense not the MODs. Carry on with your courses throughout the process or seeing your student visa is for a lenghty time why not re enroll on another course whilst going through the application process.
  10. Iso

    Iso Swinger

    I intend to take your advice and carry on with my course while going through the process. I should be ready to put in an initial application by the second quarter of next year for the role of a Combat Medic, cheers.
  11. Hi The_IRON. I'm also a commonwealth applicant here on a visitor visa. they told me at the AFCO that i'll have to renew my visa at some point but on the Home Office website they say it in not possible to renew a visitor visa from this country. Is there an exception for army applicants?
  12. Iso

    Iso Swinger

    I believe the army regulations clearly states that the visa will not be renewed if it runs out before the completion of the selection process. In the end i think it depends on the stage of the process you are before your visa expires, it you are lucky to get through to the final stages. I think the army should be morally obliged to provide a generic covering letter which will compell the home office to issue you a 6months visa extension in order to finish the stages of the recruitment.
  13. Thanks a lot. Was supposed to go for Pre ADSC on 3rd of Dec but was postponed due to weather so will go on 17th of Jan. If i go for ADSC in Feb then i should be ok coz my visa expires in March 2011.
  14. Iso

    Iso Swinger

    Oh great, that means you are half way through the process. I am from Nigeria and will be putting in an initial application by the middle of next year, where are you from originally if you don't mind my asking? Goodluck on your pre-selection.
  15. A letter will only be given once an ATR start date is given (this could take well up to a year to get once you have passed ADSC depending on your grade) so any extensions of VISA has to be done by the applicant at their own expense through their own High Commission.