Commonwealth Application Process - Query


I am a commonwealth citizen looking to join the British Army. I started the application process in my country but have since come to the UK. I was told by OSEAS cell to go to the local AFCO. This I did and they gave me another application form. The problem is this application form seems to be the one given to UK recruits and is different from the one I was sent in my country.

My question is whether the process has changed so that both commonwealth and UK applications use the same form?

Any help greatefully received!
I told them that I was a commonwealth applicant - what has aroused my suspicions that all is not right is that I am asked for my NHS number on the application form. If I am not working full time I would not have NHS cover and therefore would not have an NHS number. I would guess that a lot of commonwealth applicants will not have a NHS number.

Its all a little confusing.

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