Commonwealth applicant: residency requirements + gaps in between

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by angantyr, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm interested in applying for a infantry role in the British army. From what I know, induvidals from the commonwealth inside Britain are required to have lived in the UK for three years in order to be eligible.

    For me the problem is that, although I have been studying in the UK for four years, there were gaps in between (going home on summer/chirstmas vacation). Im getting quite worried that the recruiters will turn me away because of this.

    Even further, I have finished my studies and will be returning home this November and will be applying for a two year post study work visa. But I wont get it until February or March - making a 4 month gap in between my stay.

    Will any of these gaps disqualify me applying next year?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. No if going for a Non SC job like infantry you do not require any residency, so if i was you go into the ACIO nearest you and if you meet all the requirements of 4 years left on passport and at least 4 months of Visa(this may be an issue now) then start the application. You could always go back home and start an overseas online application and continue it once returned to UK in March.
  3. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I think you have to have lived here for 5 years, and not 3 in order to join the army as a commonwealth citizen. Out of interest, what country are you from? What kind of visa are you looking to apply for, now that you have finished studying?
  4. YOUR WRONG...see my dont need to of lived here at all if going for non SC jobs.
  5. And for other jobs, what would the residency requirements be? I've applied as a Medic, but had a residency period (5 years) that I had to be here for, which is why I ask.
  6. Combat medic doesnt require any residency as stated above, Angan asked about infantry which i also replied about that doesnt need residency...some jobs do need 3, 5 or even 10 years residency though as per my post which are SC jobs but to save me listing them all your best bet is to speak to your own recruiter instead of giving innacurate info on here.
  7. It's not my current recruiter that gave me the information, it was someone I spoke to in another ACIO when I first arrived in the country 6years ago.
    Thanks for the confirmation The_IRON, and apologies for hijacking your thread Angan. Good luck.
  8. soldier-girl I agree with Iron ,if you read other posts, he explained this already not long ago ,and I believe he is a recruiter :) however he is right, so better listen to him. Read the tread New to the system, need help ....
  9. As The-IRON says, check with your AFCO, but beware as I was categorically informed by a SNCO from an AFCO that residency waivers had never been permitted, when I knew for a fact they were as I had received one.

    Overview of Army Regs - Nationality and residency - British Army Website

    As for roles with SC this applies for the RN/RM - the entire residency requirement seems to resolve around security checks.

    Another option for you is the RAF or RN. In the RN all Medical Assistants are trained to Level 1 Med Tech standards as you are likely to find yourself by yourself on a ship later in your career. They serve as part of the Commando Logistics Regiment with the Royal Marines including getting into some interesting situations on Ops, 2 having received the MC (including the first RN female) on Herrick 9.
  10. Hello,

    @The_IRON, Does the non-SC job status apply across applicants from all countries? When I was inquiring about the Royal Marines the first thing the Navy recruiter said to me, and a girl from Nepal, was that you need to be in the UK for 5 years for the Navy and 3 years for the army.

    @Soldier_Girl, I'm from Pakistan, the Visa I am applying for is called a post study work visa.

    Thanks for the help. =)
  11. angantyr - just while The_Iron responds about non-SC roles, please note my post - don't automatically believe what the recruiters say. Your length of residency requirement for those roles that require SC (and ALL roles in the RN require SC) can be waived if you come from a country which the Vetting Agency are prepared to accept a risk from. I don't know if Pakistan is on that list. That is what the regulations state and it is a shame that some recruiters do not know this.
  12. All jobs that are SC require some kind of Residency

    CTC 3 years
    SC 5 years
    DV 10 years

    I wouldnt get the applicants hopes up as only in extenuating and supporting circumstances by RG with lots of considerations may the Residency issue be waivered (but very unlikely) but still would hold some kind of period of at least SC 3 years and DV 5 years. You will find that all RECRUITERS have this information readily in Recruiting Instructions and abide by it...........

    Regarding your question if not going for a SC job you can apply without any residency...if going for a SC job it can vary from 3 - 10 years depending on CEG.
  13. Times change I guess - I had ZERO years residency and received a waiver for an SC role (with the caveat that I could not fill a DV post for X years). Then again I was a UK passport holder. I think it's always useful, if you can, to know what the regulations are as not just in this instance but in many others I have found they are not always followed (to my benefit sometimes!!).
  14. So you are talking about something totally different...the overseas applicants asking questions on here are non British passport holders (Commonwealth) and thats why their Residency is in question and followed by the rules above..........I take it you was a Pads Brat to be out the country??? as said then there will be some kind leniency and case by case as yours must of been an extenuating circumstance why as a British passport holder you were out the country.
  15. Unable to check the rules at the moment as the RN Reference Library is down but as I recall it when I read them a week or two back they did not specify that a SC residency waiver would be granted or not based on what passport you held but on the country in which you were residing (it being on an approved list - I was living in a NATO country at the time so I guess that wasn't a problem). HOWEVER, it did say something along the lines of those of British origin would be treated with greater leniency.

    And no, not a pad brat. Father worked for a major petro-chemical multi-national.