Commonwealth Applicant - Post May 13th 2016 MoD ruling

if your documents are legit why not but some don't take the right documents so they get rejected and you know they can't give everyone visa just because you want to join the army else we will all move there. Lol
Yeah I get you man, I'll check with what all I need to get from my csm whenever they call. Thankfully my process seems to be going on the right track only have to get my running down, anything else I can ace.
Trust me the army dopest care how you get your visa. They will tell you they don't assist in obtaining visas.cus come use the army to get to uk and don't join the army. It's same everywhere even with the US army
Ehhhhh I'm sure I'll be fine, I have several friends over there who left from here a few years ago who still lives there. So I'll get directions on what to do and how to do it.

And lol, you can't join the us army with just a visa, I have a ten year visitors visa to America, you need a green card to enlist. A visa to America was the easiest one I've gotten, I got asked one question and my visa was approved, so I highly doubt a British one will be hard to obtain, even better so how we have close ties as a country, Britain gave up control of my country in 1981.
I mean in all honesty I don't think any country assists you to obtain a visa for their country.
It's up to the onus of the individual, people have to make sure they are prepared. This has been my goal for six years, three years ago it slipped away from me when they close the overseas cell, now the door is opened once again and I intend on making it a reality.
Have you applied for a visa bro?
A lot of people are being refused visa here.
If you are through then help me bro. I'm yet to submit an application.
Hello there,

Anyone from commonwealth country ready for assessment center this May or have already done assessment in year 2019.I have my assessment coming up in May 2019 and would like to know a few things about assessment regarding COMMONWEALTH ,What roles are available for commonwealth candidates,etc.


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