Commonwealth Applicant - Post May 13th 2016 MoD ruling

You will have to send your passport info page then later u complete an online medical questions followed by submitting police check then u fill and complete a full medical questionnaire then u apply for visa for assessment
I just submitted my police record and they replied two days ago, just waiting on my CSM to give me a call, what's the timeline like to assessment and interviews? Few months or very quickly?
That depends on your postal service bro and where you live, I tried DHL and FedEx cause that's the fastest but I couldn't use them because they need a physical address not a po box because they need someone to sign it. So I used the express mail service my local post offers, it took a little over five business days, that's because I live very far, all the way in Belize which is in Central America, hope that helps!
I apologize! I'm not entirely sure I think females have their own assessment scores to meet! I saw a PDF link for the numbers needed.

And I my choices are; medical technician, mariner, marine engineer, recovery technician mechanic and vehicle mechanic. I wish more roles were open to commonwealth applicants but oh well, I am hoping that we can change over after a few years of service! Many more roles I'd like to try my luck with.
I'm not entirely sure I'm not yet at that level in my application when my csm calls I'll see how I can get mine
The embassy is close by so I'll be able to check there, I don't think it should be too hard, we have the Irish guards training here in my country right now in the jungle so we have a extremely close relationship with Britain so I'm not sure really when I know I'll let you know

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