Commonwealth Applicant - Post May 13th 2016 MoD ruling

I am a 32 year old (20 May 1984) commonwealth applicant seeking to join the UK Army from South Africa and would appreciate some guidance from a recruiter on arrse.

I am aware that as of the 13th of May 2016, over 400 vacancies divided through 16 roles have opened to overseas commonwealth applicants in the UK Army.

I am also aware that the maximum joining age for a regular soldier is 33 years and that I should apply 9 months before my 33rd birthday.

I attempted to submit an online application via the UK Army's website and could only apply for an officer role.

I was told by the army recuitment call centre that this fine and that I just need to add a comment stating my intention to join as a regular soldier. After doing this I received a mail stating the 2013 residency ruling is in effect. I queried this with the call centre staff and got two different answers. One said it's not true and the other said it is.

Phoned this morning and got told they would change the application on their side. Received another mail 15min later stating my application was denied and I am not elligible without stating a reason.

A fellow colleague of mine is 24 and he could at least submit an application as a regular soldier even though he is also a south african citizen with no uk ancestry.

My question is as follows. Is there a hidden directive to deny online applicants from overseas over a certain age who are still within the max age of 33?

Could I be successful if I travelled to the UK and submitted my application in person?

As a side note. I realize I am ancient compared to other recruits, but my current work requires me to do a PT test ever month that is similar to the entrance tests mentioned on the recruitment site.

As of last month I ran a 2.4km (1.5 mile) in less than 10:30min without undue effort and my press-ups and situps rate in the 70's with a max of 15 pullups and 10 x 20m shuttle runs in less than 46sec. These numbers have likely become better in the past week or so. ;)
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Good day sir, I'm also a Ghanian seeking to apply. I think a visit to the embassy can help clear things up.
I haven't started yet. I got info that I would need a five year residency in the UK before I could be accepted.
That is JUST SO SAD. I was hoping for infantry at the least. Could I get a job as a Vehicle Mechanic?
Thanx Hackle i checked that out and the opportunities with that dont seem too bad. i think i'll take it and trry applying very soon. But if i may ask, is there any deadline for applying this year?
Tan1997 you need a sponsor in the UK. Am getting my police report now then they send me a letter for my visa. All the best. If not you will have to travel to UK by yourself and apply there.which country are you from?
You can ask your friends if they have any friend or relative in UK.try asking and let's see what happens.the full details is on the website. You should have read it well. Where are you from?

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