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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by WallabyJack, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. I came over as a commonwealth citizen in January with my wife. we are both non-uk citizens and don't have a clue how army admin works here. We have been told by immigration that we are supposed to get our passports stamped by my unit to give us exemtion from immigration control. At the moment we can't leave the uk, cant get bank loans, prove residency etc. My unit bounced our passports back to me & told me it is up to us to sort out. Can anyone help me or give me a point of contact. We are hitting the wall after 6 months of trying to get basic admin done. Also, should I have been sworn in when I joined up over here?
  2. You joined the army mate - the RAO cannot provide admin support for that kind of situation. The bottom line is its up to to sort it yourself.

    The RAO are not CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION - ppl seem to forget that.

    What happens when JPA come in and you have to start administrating yourself. Its growing up and being responcible for your own administration instead of letting the RAO wipe your ass aswell!
  3. top attitude to have ball buster....NOT!

    that is way clerks have a bad name
  4. I believe I have seen this stuff somewhere, will try to find it if no-one else beats me to it.
  5. WallabyJack

    PM all your details, Citizenship, where enlisted and when etc etc to me and i will get back to you from work on Monday, sounds like people have cut alot of admin out and well..... left you in the poo basically. I have had lots of dealings with F&C recruiting......should be able to direct you.....


    you are clearly very arrogant and blinkered and i suspect .....................a red arse!

    I hope that one day in battle that your muckers will be able to rely on you to pop smoke and give covering fire................but i doubt it with that attitude...
  6. Well up there as one of the most misleading answers ever posted on ARRSE.
  7. Source to follow

    DIRECTOR OF PERSONAL SERVICES (ARMY) - A Unit Guide to the Administration of Foreign and Commonwealth Soldiers and Their Families. Edition 2

  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Did you choose that handle so we all know you're a hard barstard ? This is the RHQ not the NAAFI so get a grip !

    If it's another Arrser having a laugh can you give WallabyJack a break and keep it in 'The Badger's ARRSE' ?
    His first post was a request for assistance - and it wasn't even bone.
  10. See also the 'Nationality' section in the same document. I wont do more cut-and-paste as it is worth reading the full document.

    Good luck WJ, and good skills, CC1.
  11. At the factory all we did was hand in our passport and the coy clk sorted it... send it off to the home office with a letter stating we were in the armed forces.... and 4 weeks later back with a stamp......... no problem

    may i suggest you phone up RMAS and ask the admin people there. They were pretty on the ball!
  12. Hey WallabyJack

    Hackle has provided solid info. If you still hit a barrier with the Clerk ask to speak to the chief clerk. Failing that ask for an interview with the Adjt and get the families Offr involved. You currently represent a non-effective member of the unit and that is not good.

    I can't understand the clerks problem here, I joined my unit mid op tour and they sorted it out within 2 days. Your missus passport is just as important to sort out as well otherwise she wilkl run into probs, usually whilst you are away on ops.

    Another suggestion is to contact the chief clerk of the Black Watch or any other Regt that currently has a shed full of Commonwealth Troops.

    Good luck