Commons Report - MPs say too many celebrities get honours

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fat_Cav, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Strangely the BBC highlights the term 'celebrity', whereas the report mentions it in a much lesser extent to that of Civil Servants.

    A Report by the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC), says that too many awards go to those who just do their day job and to Captains of industry for simply running a business.

    Well I'm blowed! Who'd have thought it? :roll:

    I do recall a thread not many moons back about the same thing, although I can't find it.

    So, if there's moves to de-politicise the honours system, will it dry up the three main party's coffers as the cash for gong incentive has gone or will it just then become a farce as we now honour the work of Mrs Miggins as she's been the Brown Owl for Chipping Norton for 10 years or whatever?

    Will it mean that the loyal 50-something spinster from the Department for Paperclip Procurement at the MOD doesn't get the gong she deserves for alllowing her boss to look good and for him to still manage a round or two a week at the golf club? Or will it go to those who are more deserving in the charitable sector.

    To me it's all about the nominating and culture around awards. I worked closely with civil servants when I was at one posting and there was often talk of nominating him or her because they did that little bit extra, when to me they did nothing more thana full days work, and no where near what their military counterparts did.

    An actor acting; No, deserves feck all. An actor running his/her own charitable foundation and is a frequent benefactor; Yes. (This doesn't include a week every few years hugging skinny black kids a month before Comic Relief)

    Will the politico's give up this Party funds wealth generator and influence over business leaders or will they see the writing on the wall (if indeed there is any?)?

    BBC News - MPs say too many celebrities get honours

    Honours still being awarded to "usual suspects" via opaque system, say MPs - News from Parliament - UK Parliament
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the need to trim out the sir humphries and donor lordships as well.they wont like no civil service honors as MPs are technically civil servants.

    the queen could start by not awarding her kids and grandkids all sorts of shit they dont deserve