commons hunt protest trail begins what do you think

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Commons hunt protest trial begins

Supporters held a pro-hunting demonstration outside the court
Eight pro-hunting campaigners who stormed the House of Commons during a Hunting Bill debate have gone on trial.
The protesters, including Otis Ferry, 22, the son of rock star Bryan Ferry, were appearing at Bow Street Magistrates' Court in London.

They face a public order offence alleging their "disorderly" behaviour caused "harassment, alarm or distress".

Family and supporters of the protesters filled the court and also staged a demonstration outside the building.

The hearing was adjourned after defence lawyer David Williams QC explained not all of the defendants had seen television footage of their protest in the House.

The courtroom was cleared to allow them to view the footage.

Defendant Luke Tomlinson, 28, also asked to be excused from attending court on Wednesday as he is due to play polo for the England team.

Mr Williams told the court: "This is a very important week for England and on Wednesday he is representing his country and I ask that he be excused."

Mr Tomlinson, a professional player who is also a close friend of princes William and Harry, was granted permission to do so by District Judge Timothy Workman.

The other protesters on trial are David Redvers, 34, from Hartpury, Gloucestershire, John Holliday, 37, a huntsman from Ledbury, Herefordshire, Robert Thame, 34, who plays polo with Prince Charles in Team Highgrove, auctioneer Andrew Elliot, 42, from Bromesberrow, near Ledbury, point-to-point jockey Richard Wakeham, 34, from York, and former royal chef Nicholas Wood, 41.

i think it is cruel to have fox hunting , lot`s of people have different oppion`s regarding this subject .

what do you think regarding this subject ?

kindest regards
More foxes have been dying per month since the ban than before - I wish you would too, yannie-of-the-incomprehensible-posts
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