Commons battle looms on EU treaty

Gordon Brown faces a battle to get the EU treaty through Parliament after it was agreed by EU leaders in Lisbon.
The prime minister ruled out a referendum saying he had already "safeguarded the national interest" with "red line" opt-outs in key areas.

But Tory leader David Cameron accused him of treating Britons "like fools" and pledged to fight for a referendum when MPs debate ratification next year.

3 Different views..... have we been sold down the river again or is it a good thing for the UK

All hail our new leadership from Europe......
I'm a big enemy of globalisation and centralisation; any power taken from Westminster and given to some blokes in Brussels, who have no idea what is/is not in Britain's interests, and who aren't elected by Britons, is too much power. Surely that's leaning towards dictatorship??

I'm not a conservative, but I've got to agree with Cameron on this one. However, I think he's just saying this to create an argument with Brown and make him look weak and stupid - it's all he's been trying to do since he got into office. Bl00dy politicans!


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