Common sense on Afghanistan

Interesting concept. By dividing the drug producers and dealers from the TB, we could go a long way to ease some of the pain we are enduring in Helmand.
Hmmm. Thats actually got some solid sense behind it. You could add lines (sorry, no pun intended) about pain relief being a duty on a Muslim where supplying stupyfing drugs is certainly unislamic. Entry for the Afghan Govt to get involved in trading right across the country. Nice GIS system listing every field, who farms it, where they live. All sorts of useful control angles for a nice strong democratic central government all tied to the payment mechanism. We could even give them our Single Farm Payment system as a model, if they do not mind being a year late with some payments....

Here I have long advocated that we should actually take away all criminal sanctions on drug use. That would also take out the criminal element here too. Sell 'em like tobacco and fags - with a tax take for the Govt. No incentive for organised crime if we pitch the price right, no petty theft and burglary. Less Kudos for the kids in trying something illegal.

The only impact then is on the user and perhaps their family/loved ones. Thats a personal decision for them to take and society has no right to legislate what people do to their own bodies. If you want to snort coke, sniff butane, glue or old farts it should be your call. Darwin will tell you if you made the right decision.

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