Common sense breaks out wrt drunken "rapes"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Senior judges have decreed that a drunken woman is in a position to consent to sex, or at least not in a position where sex would automaticaly constitute rape if she thought better of it in the morning.

    Times article here

    My bold, as I fully agree and have stated as much in the past, I think this is a step forward for common sense in the British legal system. I am thinking as long as she is conscious, and it was HER choice to get that drunk, she doesn't have an automatic case.

    Obviously there may be cases where this wouldn't be the case.
  2. Think the concept that "I only had sex with her because I was drunk" should be introduced as a defence for the accused. If alcohol lowers standards of females, it does the same for men.
  3. Alcohol has made me have sex with hippocrocadillapigs on several occasions :oops:
  4. We pigs-in-lipstick aren't the ones pushing the rape cases. We're grateful.
  5. Just like fat girls.....
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Bit late for that matelot CPO.
  7. Thank f*ck for that. Right, once I've found my balaclava and raping suit....I'm off down to Jesters!
  8. Biscuits, if you can't find yours, you can use mine ok?
  9. Now that does create a very good argument.

    Surely if a woman isn't responsible for her actions when she is drunk, then neither can a man be.

    If a man raped a woman when he was drunk, would he not be held accountable for his actions?

    I know that law isn't saying that a woman isn't responsible for her actions when she is drunk, but I know that there are many people who want the law changed to make that the case. IT CAN'T BE HAD BOTH WAYS!!

    (well it can, but the other way I'm reliably informed!)
  10. Fancy a pint???? ;)
  11. .....Of Vodka?

    Bagster, spot on. This is what makes the law so stupidly unfair.

    If she can be so drunk as to not be able to consent, voluntarily, then so can a man. Making the whole law farcical.
  12. The difference is that drunkenness is no defence to having committed a crime. As far as I'm aware, refusal to have sex is not a crime, whereas rape is.
  13. We are not on about refusal to have sex. That would be rape, no matter what.

    This law would allow, in it's most basest of forms, a woman to go out, get hammered, sleep with a bloke (or woman I suppose) and THEN decide that she hadn't consented as she was drunk.

    The courts could then send down an innocent man, as a rapist (sure that would be a lovely experience in this countries jails) just purely because she got too drunk and had second thoughts.

    All because whilst drunk she could be considered to be not in a positon to consent. Thus any consent given, whilst drunk, would be void.

    Have you ever slept with a drunken woman? If so under this law you could be a rapist. And your location, a very sensible precaution.
  14. On the other hand, if some wretch jumps on a woman who has passed out due to drink- like in Animal House- he is a raping MoFo and needs an industrial strength slap. And a bumloving cell mate.
    Common Sense I s'pose...
  15. Yes I just like them too!