Common sense at last?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Calls to, at last, start to separate this country from the undemocratic Eurocratic steamroller
    BBC News - UK 'should cut links to European Court of Human Rights'

    Sadly I don't think Mr Cameron will have the balls to tell the Euroscum to stick their court up their collective jacksies, he certainly won't be helped by that spineless little twerp Clegg, but at least folk are now starting to talk openly and with some seriousness of regaining or retaking some independance from the ill fated European project.

    We can start with the Court before moving on to the Parliament.
  2. Before the election, I seem to recall CMD saying that he would get rid of the Human Rights Act. I am not aware that anything is proposed to do that. It would be much easier to change UK law than abandon the Court. Therefore, I support the idea but I'll believe it when it happens.
  3. Its not far off a soundbite. Cameron knows that a healthy majority of voters are a tad disgruntled about EU Judicial directives so he is playing to that, In reality by default there is no selective opt out structure. We are in it for the long haul people.
  4. I'd like to think CMD is actually playing a clever game here.

    He knows perfectly well that a free vote on prisoners being allowed to vote will be a big NO and put the UK Gov on a collision course with the European Court. When the SHTF, he can then lay the 'protecting UK sovreignity as Parliament voted for' card when he tells them to go do one.

    Of course, he may just wimp out and bend over and take one.
  5. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    Or he could do what Thatcher did over the Single European Act and Major did over Maastricht - say one thing to the press with their forward-facing face, and sign our rights away with their backward-facing face.
  6. Why? It's a treaty that we signed in order to be part of the ECHR, which does frequently post good results, like DNA storage on Police databases, and then throws wobblers like this votes for crims, which would make more sense if the ECHR had included the other 9 or 13 EU Countries that also ban votes for crims....

    To leave a treaty is pretty simple at heart. Just stand up and say so. I'm not aware of any Act in existance that makes ECHR ruling binding on UK Law, and I'm fairly sure that UK Law has to be rewritten when ECHR ruling require changes so can't think of anything that would require parliament time, other than the usual suspects whinging that their high profit business has been curtailed.....
  7. Stand by for Cameron to hand Europe the vaseline and start unhitching his belt....
    it won't happen.
    It consistently astonishes me that a country that once ruled the world now allows the world to rule it. And it all went wrong in the space of a generation. Amazing, really. I can't quite think of a historical parallel.
  8. Well I can't really see this happening.

    What is happening with the so called Great Repeal Act they promised us too?

  9. They repealed it.
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Please, please separate in your minds the ECHR from the EU. Although I believe both are now bad for us. To put it mildly.
  11. Interesting that this same court brought down Crown Immunity which for so many years saw servicemen royally shafted over the MOD failing us.
    No I don't like the decision to give prisoners votes but sometimes they give stupid governments a good slap.
  12. A rethink in the title Title headline maybe ;-)

    As others have already stated CMD has'nt got the balls to tke on the ECHR and as for Common sense approach, well Clegg will no doubt dig his heels in big time

    I would dearly like to be proved wrong, however there's plenty of talk & little action in regards to issue's such as this...
  13. If he didnt have the balls to sack Vince Cable for his stupidity over the BskyB issue before xmas, I hardly think he has the nouse to even start taking on this. Lets not forget that over the "votes for prisoners" issue it is he, Cameron, that has suggested we extend their rights, even the previous administration chose not to deal with the matter, simply leaving it in their "pending" tray.
  14. Couple of months ago I read something by a Tory thinker on how the Commonwealth could be rebooted and even expanded a bit with the inclusion / alliance of Japan (?!) to form an alternate, if small, power bloc of island / Coastal states that could serve to whisper sense into Uncle Sam's ear; and with truly relevant global trade and influence links. at the same time, the EU would be given a good stiff ignoring, and treated like a trading partner, not a close member of the family.

    Sounded like utter pie-in-the-sky, fantasist bollix until I read it through properly, at which point it made complete sense. Not sure CMD has the cojones to do it though.
  15. ECHR and the fvcking EU are not the same in fact but they are identical in that they both INTERFERE with our SOVEREIGNTY and preclude our running this country the way the majority want it run.

    The very fact that the obese and barely literate ass Mr. Prescott is FOR the rulings of the ECHR, is a good enough reason to be against it!