Common Sense at last - Shim refused Breast enlargement

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. FFS some people just really take the piss.

    So, some Shim hasn't the plump ample tits she was expecting (considering she's an ex he) and wanted her local PCT to pay for breast augmentation. It went all the way to the High Court, at a cost of ££gazillions, for it then to be chucked out.

    Laughably she's 59. She should be fucking greatful they're not around her knees, as if she was a real woman.

    So, is this fucking Human Rights rubbish going to haunt us for decades even if we leave/un-sign/ignore the ECHR crap we inadvertently got ourselves into years ago?

    'Sex discrimination' I bet that took the Law Lords a while to get their heads around?

    BBC News - Transsexual NHS breast operation refusal upheld
  2. Wot no piccies?
  3. S/he'll soon have more to worry about than not getting a pair of new tits...there's now the matter of the outstanding court costs to resolve. No win, no fee? Think again sweet pea. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

    Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come. If it's not life or health saving, get it done privately. Tits not big enough love? Giving yu an inferiority complex? Tough. Nose to big? People pointing at you in the street? Tough. Save up and pay your own way big nose.
  4. My ex wanted me to get bigger tits, I said I would if he had a cock enlargement. The subject didn't come up again, neither did anything else.

  5. About bloody time its a joke these arseholes milking the NHS. You think you're a woman in a mans body tough fucking shite either save up your pocket money or get one of those padded bras and if that means you can't convince some poor mug to shag you once again tough fucing shite. I have no problem at all with people who have suffered genuine disfigurements such as facial burns, getting comestic surgery so that they can leave the house without some arsehole pointing and laughing but the current NHS threshold is a joke. One girl I went to school with got a free nosejob on the NHS after claiming depression because it had a slight lump in it from when she broke it as a kid. The fact that even with her perfect new nose she still looked like a punched arsehole made it even more galling.