Common Military Syllabus

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. If it is a CMS, who trains the RNR and RAuXAF (?) recruits?

    Is this where savings could be made, RTCs become Purple?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    RAuxAF and military in the same sentence? I think you need to take your head for a wobble.

  3. I know.....head duly 'wobbled'
  4. Dunno with RAuXAF. But with RNR it is X number of drill nights at the unit then 2 weeks at HMS Raleigh to finish Phase 1. Dont know how they can save money from it, theres only one full time CPO working at Tisdall Division full time and the rest (about 2 or 3) of the instructors come from unit NE departments for the 2 weeks each month. As much use is made of the full time resources as possible. The rest of phase 2 basic training i.e.things like basic shooting, Safe deckhand and as much the brach specific training thats mirrored in the regulars is done along side full timers.

    Edit: Forgot to add how will having a sailor being taught how to chuck grenades and stalk people and a soldier being taught seamanship (knots etc) and damage control save money? Thats why i shall never understand the idea of Purple training establishments.
  5. Ouch! That hurt MSR :)

    RauxAF are trained in similar way to RNR. weekends with unit, then followed by 2 weeks at RAF Halton bing beasted by RAF Regiment.

    Continuation training is different according to trade, so perhaps some initial training could all be done on a "purple" basis.

    Any Service can attend RTCs already, provided someone is willing to sponsor them. About to attend one myself.