Common Assault Charges.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Chez91, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Basically a month or so ago I was involved in a bust up. I was charged with section 39 common assault, BUT I have my start date for R.E.M.E (16th Jan).
    My solicitor has said I may get one of a few punishments;
    1. Conditional/Absolute Discharge,
    2. 'Bind Over'
    3. Community Service
    4. Fine.

    Could any of these stop me going to Bassingbourn in Jan?
    Even if they're completed before this date?
  2. Have you spoken to your recruiter?
  3. Is it going to court?
  4. If you get 3 you're fucked.

    If you did it plead guilty, make sure your/court duty solicitor explains your circumstances to the magistrate and the consequences of punishments.

    Similar thing happened to me, conditional discharge for biting a blokes cheek off. Army weren't overly arsed.
  5. Did you cook it and serve it with a nice Chianti?
  6. I'm not that classy.
  7. Chez,

    have you got previous? Section 39 is nothing and if you are of 'previoulsy good character' you should have been looking at a Caution / reprimand or Whatever the hell they call them nowadays.

    I can't recall EVER running with a S39 on it's own.
  8. Not Yet.. I am planning to see them this week. I have no previous, it was provoked and i acted in self defence.
    I handed myself in.. It will go to court. I have been charged though, it was for s.20 but the court realised it shouldnt have been and dropped it to s.39 which I will plead guilty to.
    I am usually of good character, this was a total one off.
    I am terribly scared for my career :'(
  9. Also my solicitor has explained my circumstances to the court im hoping they consider this when it comes to the final decision.
    What punishments would stop me going to Bassingbourn?
  10. You need to get all the relevant details to your Recruiter to assess if this will stop you enlisting, remember when you get your copy of the contract and sign the contract on your first day at training your signing to say you have no outstanding court cases and criminal convictions. Be honest about it all and speak to your Recruiter as he then can speak to the relevant person in RG to confirm alls ok.

    Burying your head and not informing the ACIO will definately cause problems and if you lie on your contract forms you will get found out and discharged.
  11. You are Monty Python's "Black Knight" and I claim my five pounds.
  12. as regards to my earlier post i have now found out that i will be recieving a fine from the courts,(IF MY ACA WILL CONFIRM IN WRITING THE THINGS THAT WOULD STOP ME JOINING)
    firstly will my aca do this for me?
    secondly will a fine stop me going to bassingbourn on the 16th of january if i pay it off before i am due to go
  13. Surely those lovely bods down at the career's office would offer the perfect answer. At an educated guess though, I think it wouldn't.
  14. yes thats a fair enough answer lol, but would my careers adviser do me the favor of writing punishments which would stop me going... etc, prohabation, community service
  15. Just had a great idea! Why dont you go and see your recruiter and ask him? Sorry for the sarcasm but its obvious what you need to do so just go do it. Oh and good luck hope it goes well for you.
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