Common Article 3: what is there not to understand?


The last few days have seen an aggressive campaign by the Bush admin to try and put clarity into the GC's definition of the proper way to treat a POW.Im'm not a lawyer but even I can tell you that I perfectly understand what the article in question is all about.

Is Bush trying to clarify or redefine Article 3? IMHO I think he is trying to change the rules in the middle of the game.
Leaders cum and go.
King George was top of the heap, King of the Pile of.
Now he is in decline.
If the November election go against him, he could actually be asked some of the nasty questions that the GOP's control of Congress have prevented from been asked up to now.
Prosecuting world leaders is now becoming Fashionable, who is to say how far that one could go?
Minions have answered for 'crimes' which many belive originated in orders from the top 'The Buck stops here'.
I predict that new orders will have to be made for worn out shredding machines in Washington and Downing St.

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