Commodity prices are falling..........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Le_addeur_noir, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Unreported in the media is the fact that the price of a wide range of commodities have been going south for the last few weeks.Oil for example is now somewhere in the $112-113 range,down from it's peak of $147 on 11 July,a fall of some 20-25% in a month.

    I expect Centrica to cancel their 35% rise in the price of gas any day now.NOT.Massive profits,bonuses and jobs for ex Labour ministers in Centrica is all that can be expected there.

    At least the price of diesel and petrol is falling.
  2. Which medium are you reading? Mine has reported falling commodity prices and even hazarded a guess at the reasons!

    Why should Centrica cancel its price increases? It's a business and a business has to make money to survive. I haven't checked the figures recently but I haven't previously invested in Centrica because its return on the capital employed in the business was awful.

    Are you watching what is happening around BP's pipeline in Georgia?

  3. An example: Diesel £1 a gallon in March. Diesel £1.32 a gallon in August. Diesel £1.25 a gallon in September. From March to September it's a rise and not a fall. It's like those who say they'll buy a house when the market slows down. It will never reverse at the same rate that it rose during their indecisiveness. False economy IMHO.