Committal Bonuses

From a recent JPA Op Bullitin:

On 01 April 2006, a new tri-service policy for Commitment bonuses was issued. The new policy is specified in JSP754 Chapter 7 Section 1. Notification of the policy was contained in a DIN in January 2006 (2006DIN02-025). The process for commitment bonuses will become a standard routine with payments made at the end of each month through the payroll system.

1. In accordance with JSP 754, Chapter 7, Section 1, Commitment Bonuses (CBs) are subject to Tax and National Insurance Contributions, and are made in return for a commitment to serve for a further specified period. CBs are used by the Services as a flexible measure to assist them in meeting their manning requirements

2. The following details how individuals are identified as eligible for a CB and the process that is to be followed to ensure that only those personnel who meet the satisfactory performance criteria, as detailed in JSP 754, Chapter 3, Section 5, receive the payments:

a. In JPA Reporting, Unit Administrators using the ‘MI Unit MI Manager’ role are required to run the “JPA Commitment Bonus and FRIs” report periodically to identify those SP who may be eligible for a CB.

b. SP eligible for a CB are to complete JS Form JPA E026.

c. Where the CB to be paid is a “Reserve Rights CB”, paid in accordance with JSP 754, Ch 10 Annex B the JPA E026 form is to be boldly endorsed “pre-JPA Reserved Rights”.

d. Completed forms are to be sent to the JPAC Pay team SPVA(G) for input. CB will be paid at the next available monthly payroll run.

JSP 754, see Sub Para "c" below, answer is yes if the required ROS has been or will be completed.


07.0104. CBs are paid to regular non-commissioned personnel reaching a specified reckonable service point, or points, in their career determined by the Service and trade (with rank as a further optional criterion). CBs will be payable to individuals in the next available pay run on or immediately following their specific reckonable service point for a CB. Reckonable service towards the award of CBs is to be calculated as service from age 18 or enlistment, whichever is the later, for the RN/Army , and from the date of enlistment for the RAF . The following general principles regarding payment apply:

a. CBs will be paid either as a single lump sum or in two parts at specific reckonable service points. The total value is as recommended by the AFPRB and set out in the annual SP Pol Directed Letter.

b. The total sum carries with it a requirement to undertake two years’ return of service (ROS) from the date upon which the individual became eligible for a CB. A CB may be paid in two parts and the recipient must undertake to provide a one year ROS for each payment. However, attention is drawn to Annex A which details arrangements for RAF personnel recruited prior to 1 April 2005.

c. CBs will be paid to all personnel who undertake to deliver the ROS associated with the CB even if they have given or plan to give notice to leave the Service. The CB is payable provided that the appropriate ROS will be delivered by the individual’s last day of service.

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