Commitment/Retention Bonus - did nt qualify, peeved!!!


This is a touchy subject for me and others who fell into this bracket.
Joined Junior Leaders Oct 1988, and signed the dotted line for 6 years on the pretense that the bonus system (think it was 5 years then) sounded good and a couple of grand wasn't to be sniffed at.
The rug was firmly pulled from under my feet when I was told that if you signed during a set block time in 1990 (18th b'day - july) that you didnt qualify (thinking back I think it was an 8 month window), therefore I have not received one bonus in my career (19 years in now!). Is there anyone in the same situation/have an explination?
Expect the normal chaf of bad luck posts!!
Serious ans pse.
I only got a 5 and 8 year bonus. I missed EVERY trade related bonus and, I've dipped out on the new 5% pay rise and the mess dress allowance.

Unfortunatly sometimes people slip through the net.... in your case loads of times.