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Commitment questions...

Hi all,

im new to the site so if im going about this the wrong way i do apologise! Im looking at joining the one of my local TA units, in particular 131 RE, 301 troop. Im very much at the early stages of even looking and will be arranging to go and have a look around and ask questions on a parade night soon. I do have one question if anybody can help that would be great!

Im a Firefighter so obviously work shifts, and i know you have to commit 27 days a year ( i think? ) and also that each unit parades once a week. if i was working the night of a parade night would i be alound to miss it? i wouldnt mind taking holiday from my "day job" to go on the weekends and 2 week camps, im just a little worried on the commitment side for parade night?

Many thanks in advance!

Mike. :grin:

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