Does anyone out there know how we can get details of who is due FR1 & FR2?

There is a report in JPA that asks for more detail than I know? Last I saw was an email from COC for those that qualified in Aug 07.


Apparantly SPVA will produce a list of personnel eligiable (monthly) and send it to units for the new application to be completed at unit level, this came out either on an Op Bulleten or from my Bde, PM me and I will get you the dit next time I am at work on ARRSE.
See Para 2 "b" They will send a list, still probably best to maintain a manual database until you trust this list.



Commitment Bonus

29 Oct 2007

Operational Bulletin

ISSUE DATE: 12 May 2007
TIME: 1000
BULLETIN NO: 0605-013

Issue Summary
Effective Date

Commitment Bonus


On 01 April 2006, a new tri-service policy for Commitment bonuses was issued. The new policy is specified in JSP754 Chapter 7 Section 1. Notification of the policy was contained in a DIN in January 2006 (2006DIN02-025). The process for commitment bonuses will become a standard routine with payments made at the end of each month through the payroll system.

1. In accordance with JSP 754, Chapter 7, Section 1, Commitment Bonuses (CBs) are subject to TAX and National Insurance Contributions, and are made in return for a commitment to serve for a further specified period. CBs are used by the Services as a flexible measure to assist them in meeting their manning requirements

2. The following details how individuals are identified as eligible for a CB and the process that is to be followed to ensure that only those personnel who meet the satisfactory performance criteria, as detailed in JSP 754, Chapter 3, Section 5, receive the payments:

a. A monthly report run on JPA lists all individuals who will become eligible for a commitment bonus. This will normally be issued to indicate those individuals who will be eligible in 2 months time. The first report will be issued to units the week of 15 May.

b. The list of personnel eligible for a commitment bonus is then distributed, by the JPAC, to the relevant Units for action.

c. Using the JPA E026 form the Unit to makes an assessment of the suitability of an individual, in terms of satisfactory performance. Those personnel who are recommended by their Units to receive a CB are to sign in accordance with JSP 754 Chapter 7 Annex A that they will undertake 2 yearsÂ’ return of service (ROS). If that commitment is not met, a full repayment will be assessed.

d. All completed forms, regardless of whether the Unit has made a positive or negative recommendation, are to be returned to the JPAC Pay team in Glasgow, as indicated on the form.

e. On receipt of the completed forms, personnel recommended for commitment bonuses will be processed at the next available monthly payroll run.


Note and distribute as required, ensuring correct application for commitment bonuses.



JPA Operations Room
Centurion Bldg, Room 1027
Grange Road
PO13 9XA

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