Commitment Bonus

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by newguy, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. The questions I would like answering is do you have to provide 2 years ROS when you receive your second CB at your 8 year point?
    Does this 2 years ROS only apply to the new CB of £5500 or does it apply to any CB you receive?
    The reason I ask is that this does not seem totally clear, according to money matters on you get given your 8 year CB providing you havent signed off / given 12 months notice, i.e. you can sign off the next day and elsewhere it says when you receive your CB you have to provide 2 years ROS.
  2. As far as I am aware, as long as you have not given notice prior to your FRI point, as you have to give 12 months notice anyway, you will get the relevant FRI.

    Bde/ICT are supposed to release a spreadsheet monthly with all those due the 5 and 8 year bonus on it, however, good practice would be for RAO's to have a database with due dates on it to facilitate application prior to said spreadsheet being sent out, in my experience they are always pointed out late.
  3. if you are a rejoner/re-enlister are you still entitled to the cb? if so do you have to start again so to speak, ie do another 5 years then receive the cb or would it be that say if you did three years before leaving then would only have to wait 2 years for the 5 year cb?
  4. LJS nice one LMAO. Still not seeing them!

    As for the Commitment Bonus if it is the V Eng Bonus paid at 5 years i.e. 5,500 it requires a TWO year return of service.

    Got that little blighter from the V Eng brief last week. :wink: