Commitment bonus.

Had a quick search to see if there is anything on here about this already but I couldn't find anything.

Basically, I'm due my 8 year commitment bonus of 15k in January as I haven't ever signed for any previous bonus's. I'm a bit worried with all the cuts going at the minute that this bonus could be removed and I would completely shit out without a penny when most of my peers have at least had something if they signed for it at 5 or 6 year point. I've asked my clerk about this but he doesn't have a clue, I then spoke to the RAO and he said he would check and get back to me. The only person who seemed to know something was a civvi clerk I spoke to, she said that they cannot remove the commitment bonus if it was there when you joined up (obviously they have now removed it for new recruits).
Does anybody have any clarification on this, or know somewhere I could get clarification, I will literally break if they remove it just before I sign!

Cheers in advance guys.
Log I to JPA, on the homepage find the "commitment bonus" link and click on it. Print out the details and show your clerks and boom 15k for the use of!

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Op - you have answeed your own question - The scheme changed again for those joining after 2011, cut in half but same years service, If you are already in a scheme you will retain the right on that scheme. The MOD has learnt from the abortion that were the CB schemes in late 80's, early 90's where they were chopped and changed at random intervals.

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