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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by hurryupandwait, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Is there a commitment bonus available for officers who serve over 5 years? Soldiers currently get a sum of over £5000 for serving over 5 years if they joined before 2004.

    Anyone know the definitive on this? Thanks!
  2. No. AFAIK there isn't.
  3. No there is not.
  4. Tallbird - funny that, I'm sure I had a female mate at RMAS called Tallbird? Is it the same one???
  5. Officers shouldnt need any kind of commitment or retention bonus, Your officers FFS.
  6. Christ, another whinge. I only wanted to know if there was one!

    And spell 'you're' correctly.....
  7. Ok, I stand corrected .................You're, as in
    You're still not getting a bonus, Even if you can spell.

    Although you're exclamation is wrong it should be "you're"
  8. Would it really make a difference anyway? I dare say the vast majority of us don't do it for the money. Most officers I know that have decided to PVR prior to their immediate pension point have done it either to go on and earn popstar wages or haven’t been at all financially motivated and have gone off to do something completely different . Besides, the army needs a certain quantity of officers to leave along the way anyway, why would they pay to retain?
  9. Which was why the RAF paid circa £60K retention bonuses for aircrew.
  10. I would gladly pay for some of them to leave.
  11. They're not "real" officers though are they? Just fly expensive pieces of kit, posh taxi drivers one and all.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    RAF? Posh?

  13. The MOD has spent millions training aircrew, what's the point in not offering them an incentive to stay in the service when they could just as easily cut and run and earn considerably more for considerably less risk in the civvy airline community.
  14. as in Spice I think - bunch of chavs
  15. Back in 1992 the army dished out a £6000 retention bonus to me (an officer) at the same time they gave me a letter saying I was in the redundancy braket!!!?? As I accepted the first bonus I got anbother £6000 on 1987. Weird eh!!!!