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Commitment bonus dramas


Alright lads, just looking for help reference my commitment bonus, hopefully someone on here will know what I need to do.

I joined and started phase 1 a couple months before the 2016 april date where they stopped offering the commitment bonus, but I had turned 18 a couple months after the cut off date. I went to the clerks after 4 years from turning 18 and I have been told by a clerk that I was eligible for my commitment bonus and so I signed for it, later on I noticed I hadn't been paid it so I went back and another clerk told me I am ineligible for it as I turned 18 after the cut off date.

Should I get the commitment bonus or not as I am confused on weather I should or shouldn't be eligible for it, I'd like to think I am as when I signed my contract of employment it was before the cut off date, so should be able to get it like everyone else?

Cheers for any help or insights.


The CB11 scheme is paid 4 years after your enlistment date or 18th birthday whichever is the later. In your case your 18th birthday, therefore you did not qualify as this was past the cut off date of Apr 16.
@Bod199 you may have missed out because of what used to be called “reckonable service” ie service from, in your case, your 18th birthday. I don’t know if the term is still used but you had no chance of completing 4 years reckonable service within 4 years of the bonus being cancelled.

While I don’t disagree with @partyr, because this rather depends on how the rules for the bonus were written AND how the cancellation of the bonus was written, I do agree with @RTU’d and would advise a chat with the RAO.

Quite often, when something is taken away from pay, there are transitional adjustments. This may, or may not, have happened in your case. It cannot hurt to ask.


JSP 754 para 05.2202 refers:

“Service reckoning towards the award of CBs must be unbroken and is to be calculated from age 18 or enlistment, whichever is the later, except for RAF personnel who enlisted after 1 Apr 07, in which case it is the date of enlistment.”

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